Managing Complexity: Insights, Concepts, Applications | FuturICT Books |

Dirk Helbing (Ed)

Each chapter in Managing Complexity Focuses on analyzing real-world complex systems and transfer knowledge ring from the complex-systems sciences to applications in business, industry and society. The interdisciplinary contributions range from markets and production through logistics, traffic control, and critical infrastructures, up to network design, information systems, social conflicts and building consensus. They serve to raise readers' awareness concerning the often counter-intuitive behavior of complex systems and to help them integrate insights gained in complexity research into everyday planning, decision making, strategic optimization, and policy.

Intended for a broad readership, the contributions have been kept Largely non-technical and address a general, scientifically literate audience involved in corporate, academic, and public institutions.


Table of Contents

Editorial - Managing Complexity: An Introduction - Market Segmentation - The Network Approach - Managing Autonomy and Control in Economic Systems - Complexity and the Enterprise:..... Illusion of Control - Benefits and Drawbacks of Simple Models for Complex Production Systems - . Logistics Networks - Coping With Nonlinearity and Complexity - Repeated Auction Games and Learning Dynamics in Electronic Logistics Marketplaces - Decentralized Approaches to Adaptive Traffic Control - Critical Infrastructures Vulnerability:.. The Highway Networks - Trade Credit Networks and Systemic Risk - A Complex System's.. View of Critical Infrastructures -. Bootstrapping the Long Tail in Peer to Peer Systems -. Coping With Information Overload Through Trust-Based Networks -. Complexity in Human Conflict -. Fostering Consensus in Multidimensional Continuous Opinion Dynamics Under Bounded Confidence -. multi-stakeholder governance - Emergence and transformational potential of a New Political Paradigm -. Evolutionary Engineering of Complex Functional Networks -. Path Length Scaling and Discrete Effects in Complex Networks -. index.