Future libraries
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Volunteering North Queensland Inc.

Volunteering North Queensland Inc. is an organisation which provides quality volunteer referral and education/training which meets the needs of both the volunteer and employer.
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In the Digital Age, What Becomes of the Library? | MindShift

In the Digital Age, What Becomes of the Library? | MindShift | Future libraries | Scoop.it

In a related Pew study on libraries and the Internet, one librarian told researchers, “I believe public libraries should move away from being ‘houses of knowledge’ and move more towards being ‘houses of access.’ This is what the public is asking for and we are here to serve them.” Beyond the use of technology, many librarians think in terms of access and information being closely linked, and believe that libraries still have a responsibility to both.

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Mark W.F. Condon's comment, June 5, 2013 1:39 AM
Access to culturally and linguistically appropriate books is the largest barrier to world literacy. Libraries and Digital Resources can solve this if we Unite for Literacy!
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Interesting view from USA