Strategic Workforce Planning – Knowledge Management and Thinking Strategically about your Workforce over the Next Five Years - Human Capital Institute | Future Knowledge Management |

Ken Mall:

"Do you know what your company’s workforce is going to look like in 5 years? Do you know what skills you need to maintain your business today and guarantee sustainability in the future?
Never before in our history have we seen the workforce in the United States change as rapidly as it is changing today and it will continue to change over the next several years.  As employees retire, companies are struggling to capture the knowledge and experience of long time employees.  Failing to take advantage of this experience will have the direct effect on future organizational productivity.  Knowledge management includes strategies and practices used by an organization to identify, generate, collect, organize, preserve, disseminate, share, and apply critical knowledge in pursuit of the organization’s goals.  Leveraging a variety of practices and tools to help organizations capture and facilitate the sharing of knowledge before it is lost."