In the Presence of Choice | Futurable Planet: Answers from a Shifted Paradigm. |

I want to propose that in between cause and effect, there is a great deal more spaciousness than people realize in which to choose, regardless of the intensity of the situation or severity of the occasion. I would like my friends to understand this. I would like our leaders to understand this. I would like everyone anywhere who has picked up a gun for a cause, framed in good or vengeful terms, to experience this for a long, long moment. I want people who call the shots in the boardroom, and make the deals on the streets, who are paying off or getting off a sentence, school term, mortgage or marriage, to experience just how big, empty, weightless and, well spaciousthis space can be. It’s very very big, and in all directions empty and infinite. And yet our fission-reactor self with its continuously, cyclically repeating, relating to relating to relations, fills it up, easily, compulsively, mechanically and completely. Or so we think.