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This piece was written by Om Malik for Gigaom


The author says "Pinterest is one of the hottest startups around these days and represents the latest buzzword in the Valley: curation".


Here's what you need to know:


2012 will likely see an acceleration of structured, push button, social curation across the web. Why? Because most users don’t want to take much effort to produce content, and consuming content in a structured manner (especially photos) is also much faster.


**Just as the first wave of social media has transformed the consumption of information,


**this next wave of social curation will fundamentally change how users find and interact with content over time.


My commentary:


 As a business person, I see tremendous value in Pinterest because as the title of this article suggests, what we post online tells a story about who we are, what we represent and shows a human side through our curated topics. This allows others who may be potential customers to find points of connection which is a great way to start a relationship. It also gives me a chance to listen by observation to what my audience wants at a deeper level. This is a great starting place and can lead to many opportunities that lie ahead.




**platforms — YouTube, WordPress and Tumblr — have had more success, thanks to faster, cheaper broadband connections. Twitter and Facebook are the big winners of this sharing.


**Are thinking about building a product, evaluating a company or just wondering why early adopters are so crazy about Pinterest, or Quora?   


**we’re playing a role in a movie: edited, directed and starring us.


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