10 Ways to Start the Day the Right Way, no? ¡Sí! | Adventures in Life | Scoop.it

Look, punishing bullies is hard work and Muchacho Spanky has been doing it since he was barely bigger than a shiny new Peso! Not to mention tending my own flock of little ones! How do I do it? Let me tell you how...


1) Don't make sounds when you move. You don't hear young people groan every time they get out of bed do you? We shouldn't either, it's a bad habit!


2) Speaking of bed, when it's time to get up, GET UP. Don't linger for 7 more minutes, you're either rested or not, now get up and go. Instead of thinking about all those things you have to do today...DO THEM.


3) Breathe. Yes, fill your lungs like the air is the sweetest thing you ever smelled, because, really, it is.


4) Once you're up and moving, keep moving. Don't get out of bed and then plop into a recliner.  An object in motion will stay in motion, so get moving.  Any kind of early activity will help your whole day.


5) If there's something you're dreading for the day, then do it NOW if you can, like you have the tightest deadline ever! At the very least, tackle some aspect of it right away, just to get the ship headed in the right direction, and hold off on the coffee, keep it as something to look forward to as soon as you make some progress.


6) Drink a glass of water.  I won't bore you with all the reasons why, because you already know, just do it, you'll feel better.  Muchacho will know if you don't!


7) Have a moderately-sized breakfast. A little something healthy will jump start the whole system, whereas a huge meal or an unhelathy meal will put you back to sleep, and there's a whole world out there waiting to see what you can do!


8) Listen to some music. I can't understand people who listen to talk radio in the morning. A few minutes of vibrant music fires my juices, and sets my toes tappin' for the rest of the day.


9) Accomplish something, ANYTHING, before you sit.  Any small task will do and if it's a major project, just make a bit of progress and then leave it with the positive feeling of accomplishment still fresh.  It's all about momentum, get it on your side, and you'll cruise through your day with a happy glow.


10) Read something enertaining if you must read. Don't start your day with news of suffering, start the day with a laugh and life will give you something to laugh about! I have a suggestion... there's a family adventure story I've heard is quite fun and uplifting for everyone...now what is it called...oh, yes "The Legend of Muchacho Spanky!" Ha! You knew what was coming!