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Have you thought about a fuckbuddy? If you have watched the associated video and you are now reading this then i think its fair to say you are one of the guys that take all this male instinct stuff very importantly. Nothing that I have said in this video is untrue; I have just laid out the exact blueprint of the male psyche just like that.

The problem is people don’t believe in this fuck buddy stuff which means they go through life unhappy! Can you imagine trying to suppress the very thing that make us male? How in the world do you expect to be happy? Look at the animal kingdom, do they suppress their urges or do they do the most natural thing that comes to mind, animals don’t even know what dating is, they just get straight to it, this is because believe it or not this is the natural way which includes us.

Now by saying this im not implying that you will choose anyone and everyone to have as your fuckbuddy, you are allowed to at least like your casual sex partner I just think we take it way to far, I know guys who have been dating for 6 months and still have not got lucky! When you ask him, are you happy, take a guess what his answer is.

Don’t get me wrong, im not saying that all this fuck buddy stuff should mean you cheat on your wife, i’m not saying that in the slightest however whatever works for you. I know guys who only have fuck buddies in their life as it makes it easier however i also know guys who have been married for 20 years and are desperate for something different, they love their wives however are unhappy because they are going against the very thing that makes them male. The moment they have given into their urges and have few casual sex dating partners then they realise they are the happiest they have been for years of which the wives benefit also

So when it comes to it what’s the best way forward? Being happy or sad in life? Its society that puts such negative labels on wanting multiple partners. Instead let’s just introduce prostitution “we’ll say it illegal” however we will all have sex with these women anyway and just brush it all under the carpet. There are no 2 ways about it, mankind will deal with coping with their urges no matter how you want to do it, keeping on the down low, having a fuck buddy or multiple fuck buddies, going to see a hooker, porn............ this list goes on but the bottom line is it will happen whether society accepts it or not, there is no other choice on the matter it’s our destiny.

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