Sudan: Local official bans foreign music on Yambio radio -  | Curated for |
May 16, 2016 (YAMBIO) – The minister of information and communications in the newly created Gbudue state, has banned playing foreign music over Yambio FM radio after local artists raised complaints during commemoration of 16 May anniversary in Yambio.

Speaking to hundreds of citizens who converged at Yambio freedom square to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of formation of the former rebels in Sudan, the SPLA, the state information minister, Natale Sabuni, issued a verbal order banning playing foreign music over Yambio fm and only promote local music which focus on cultures and supporting the government.

“With effect from now no more playing foreign music over Yambio fm, it is over! And I will pay a close monitor on this,” the minister said.