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Rescooped by Shane Carr from JavaScript for Line of Business Applications!

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners | freelance |

Learn JavaScript programming from scratch and fast. This web development series focuses on client side JavaScript from the client-server model. The first part of the series teaches basic software development concepts, such as variables, data types, logical operations, functions, classes, etc. Later you will learn how to program DOM scripting, cookies, sessions, and other advanced HTML5 techniques. The apps and examples shown will be executed in the best modern web browser I know: Google Chrome. However, you can follow along with your favorite browser, be it Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or even Safari.

Once you become an expert JavaScript programmer, you'll be able to develop 2D games from scratch. That's right! Web development is that awesome. Just keep in mind that the Java language is not at all related to, or the same thing as EcmaScript, even though they share similar names.

Via Jan Hesse
Rescooped by Shane Carr from Succès marketing!

The Wealth Gap Movie - Jeff Hays Films

The Wealth Gap Movie - Jeff Hays Films | freelance |
Join us in exposing the truth of the Wealth Gap, and point the way to some real solutions.

Via Patrice Decoeur
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