QR Codes and Student Centered Learning | Catlin Tucker, Honors English Teacher | Frankly EdTech | Scoop.it

"Using QR codes is interesting and give students a chance to use their phones for cool in-class activities. Since the QR code is linked to a URL, providing one code allows a teacher to connect students with information they need. Teachers could:

Put QR codes on assignments and handouts to link students to a helpful video or online resource. That way students have a strategy for problem solving.
Use QR codes to take students on a virtual field trip without ever leaving the room.
Design an class webquest with QR codes that take students to the necessary resources they need, then they can work in collaborative groups to do creative tasks with that information and/or have in-class discussions on a variety of topics.
Use goo.gl to generate QR codes to direct students to online quizzing site like QUIA so you can track who has taken the quiz. OR send them to an online resource and track how many students actually viewed that resource.
Make a textbook interactive by using QR codes to direct students to supplementary information.Post QR codes on the wall to provide useful info about syllabus, schedule, cafeteria menu, sporting events, etc.
Create a QR code wall of fame in your classroom!" Caitlin Tucker

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