Fujifilm upping the ante with Fuji X-E1 | Oshsnap | francoisB | Scoop.it

Previously in my blog, I mentioned Fuji X-Pro1 is possibly the best travelling camera but with introduction of Fuji X-E1, that claim no longer applies. X-E1 is lighter and significantly smaller. With its pancake lens (18mm f2) as shown in the picture above (note: all images taken from google), you can put the camera in your bag and carry it everywhere, everyday. Furthermore, the option of external mic is another pleasant “upgrade” especially for folks who likes to take video while travelling. Another plus is the in-built flash, although I prefer natural light, but if you were to shoot (w/o flash) with X-pro1 at low light situation (night), it gets very frustrating with the slow AF (even with high iso) so the in-built flash unit in X-E1 will come in very handy on those odd (dark) occassion.Lastly, it is going to be price reasonably. Much cheaper than X-Pro1 and at the range of most mirrorless camera. In my opinion, it is a winner, yes, even over Fuji X-Pro1.

Via Thomas Menk