I really didn't know what to expect when I started playing with this web site. I tried a few different names before settling on Rhizobium Research (note the typo in the URL, late night, tired eyes). The site represents literature that I find interesting, papers that I think I should have read, and papers that I plan to read in the near future. It turns out that other people have similar, or overlapping interests (usually doesn't happen locally). My searches are relatively simple. If I have missed something you think should be posted, please feel free to suggest it so that it can be posted. If you have a comments, please keep them constructive and/or positive. If you are an author of a paper that has been posted and want to leave a comment, I can see how this can lead to some interesting discussions. The long and short, I hope you enjoy the site. I hope that it works to build an on-line community of people with similar interests, so please let other people know of this site. I have been encouraged by early comments that I have received so I will try to keep this site current.


Via IvanOresnik