Fujifilm Italia Press Conference: Hands-on with the new Fuji X-M1 & the Fujinon 27mm f/2.8 | MirrorLessons | Fotografía | Scoop.it

Though spending an entire afternoon at a press conference may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I was more than pleased to have received an invitation to the Fujifilm Italia Press Conference held in honour of the release of their new interchangeable lens camera, the Fuji X-M1. Not only was it an opportunity to meet and greet other Fujifilm professionals, but it was also a chance to get some one-on-one time with the X-M1, of which numerous trial models were on display for journalists, bloggers and enthusiasts to handle. 

Anxious to escape the ferocious hail storm that was raging through Milan at the time, I plunged into the conference room a half an hour early, where I was kindly greeted by the organisers of the event. As if by fate, they invited me to try out the X-M1 while I waited. For about 20 minutes, it was just me, the X-M1, and a rather deserted conference room. The first thing I noticed was that, while compact, it has an extremely ergonomic build. Though it is about the same size as the X20, I actually found it more comfortable to hold, perhaps due to its slightly chunkier build.....

Via Thomas Menk