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A World-Class Family Company Based on Values

A World-Class Family Company Based on Values | FortitudeThinkers |
A firm that truly looks after its workers becomes a world-class garment manufacturer.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
   Mahesh, Ajay, and Sharad Amalean, the co-founders of MAS Holdings, with vision, courage, work and grit were able to make their dream of their company becoming a world-class  family company based on the family values of humility, trust, and mutual respect.
    With these family values active throughout the company MAS was able to establish a great business relationships with MAST Industries, the sourcing arm of L Brands and many other corporations.
    The founders of the company also value empowering their employees.  When their employees wanted help in learning English and how to work computers, they were given that assistance.  The company also helped them learn more about how to handle their finances, health and hygiene.  Because of their care to their workforce this helps them attract much more clientele and talented employees.
    To make the company strong in lean manufacturing, professionals were sent to Japan to learn about the lean automobile manufacturing process.
    When a corporation is committed to its core values, the results are stronger families, communities, and country.  The good news also affects the hearts of the global community.  MAS Holdings is an excellent standard and example for any startup and company 
to follow.  MAS Holdings is doing its part to help humanity to move forward.
    I enjoyed watching the video of the co-founder and chairman of the company, Mr. Amalean, Mahesh, sharing his company story.  The influence of the values of grandparents, parents and 
Mohandas K. Gandhi provided strong foundations for the engines 
of good, creativity and innovations to flow into all that MAS is accomplishing  and their future initiatives.
Thank you, Dr. Carlock, Randel, for sharing the FT Family Business Forum Asia held at INSEAD in 2016 with the world.
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US needs better leadership, says UN rights boss

US needs better leadership, says UN rights boss | FortitudeThinkers |
Zeid warned that Washington's "vilification of entire groups such as Mexicans and Muslims" as well as "false claims" about higher crime rates among
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    It is right and courageous for UN human rights chief, 
Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, to speak out against wrong and evil. Anyone fanning the fires of discrimination, antisemitism, violence against ethnic and religious minorities, villication of entire group such as Mexicans and Muslims, false claims about higher crime rates migrants fuels xenophobic abuses.  If you don't know what xenophobic means, google it or look it up in your home dictionary.  The UN rights boss talks about collective expulsion and illegal deportations being against international law. Zeid also accused European politicians of spreading fearful messages about vulnerable foreigners, and in Hungary the claim by the PM Viktor Urban, "That ethic homogeneity was vital for the Hungary economic success."  It sounds like some form of white supremacy to me.  Zeid also talked about  abuses against civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo and called for a Commission of Inquiry.  I want to research more about this situation, too.
    I can never hate someone who trying to find a home and safe place to live. I can never hate someone who is trying to move away from bombings, violence, hatred, discrimination, bullying, physical and mental abuse and rape. I can never hate someone who is trying to move and find the best medical care for a sick loved one.  I can never hate someone who is trying move and  find a place where they will be loved and accepted for who they are.  I can never hate someone who is trying to move and find a better job so they may be able to have a better life.  I can never hate someone who is trying to move and find peace and happiness in a place where they will not be judged by their ethnicity, religion, color of their skin or economic status.  I applaud the people who are moving and are not paralyzed by fear.  I do not wish anyone to live in constant failure.
    I and many others will never forget the images of dead children and adults washing upon shores who were trying to cross dangerous bodies of water in unsafe boats.  Their permanent memorials will be in our hearts forever.  There is no shame in stepping forward, working, fighting and struggling to make your vision of a better life a reality.  Expect kind people to help, because I believe they exist everywhere.  
    I am very thankful for our world leaders who able to speak up against wrong and evil and offer suggestions of greater and more consistent leadership.  I am thankful that there exist persons and organizations who are defending and advocating warriors for vunerable people and who are trying to escape a form of hell. 
     No one wants to see another Hitler rise up.
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The Monthly “Leadership Master” Book Tuning: The Visionary Digital Leadership 2017

The Monthly “Leadership Master” Book Tuning: The Visionary Digital Leadership  2017 | FortitudeThinkers |
Leadership is complex yet simple: Complex in that there are so many traits and characteristics that are considered when evaluating
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    Ms. Zhu, Pearl writes  a very indepth about the visionary digital leadership.  Visionary digital leadership is a section from her book "Leadership Master-Five Digital Trends to Leap Leadership Maturity.  In this monthly " Leadership Master" Book Tuning the visionary digital leadership 2017 is broken down into 5 parts.
1. Three clarities about visionary leadership
2. Vision as a guiding light
3. Independent thinking as differentiator of authentic leadership
4. Visionary leadership
5. Three dot-connections in leadership vision

    Visionary leadership is able to guide their organization when things are not clear.  Visionary leaders can see possibilities in the future that others can't.  Ms.Zhu writes, "A vision is how you see the future unfolding, how you dream about what the future will look like from your standpoint, and how to direct people and business toward the destination you envisioned.  The deeper you can think, the more significance the leadership influence could be.  A visionary mind has the ability to think the past, perceive what is now and foresee the future. Visionary leadership is able to zoom into the future as if it were closer."
    The CEO and C-suite department heads have to be visionaries in order to keep their company afloat and ahead of competitors.  Being a visionary helps to authenticate your leadership.
    Thank you, Ms. Zhu for writing this article.  I enjoyed your discussion about leadership, visionary leadership and your explanation about VUCA characteristics.
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21 Things New Leaders Should Do - Lolly Daskal | Leadership

21 Things New Leaders Should Do - Lolly Daskal | Leadership | FortitudeThinkers |
It’s easy to find lists of all the things that leaders shouldn’t do. Here are the positive steps you can take to build successful
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    "Thank you Ms. Daska, Lolly, for writing this list of positive steps 
for new leaders to do.  I believe that all leaders should review the list at least three times a day.

    My favorites are:
  1. Grow your competencies and develop your skills.
  2. Listen to learn.
  3. Be willing to admit you don't know.
  4. Stay focus on mission.
  5. Know what is urgent and what is not.
  6. Make character matter.
  7. Be the missing link.
  8. Lead by example.
  9. Strive to build a workplace where respect is the centerpiece.
10. Lead from within.

    Building successful leadership is not an easy task but it can be done with  integrity, commitment and diligence.

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Great Leaders Develop a Leadership Vocabulary - Ron Edmondson

Great Leaders Develop a Leadership Vocabulary - Ron Edmondson | FortitudeThinkers |
A leader should say…
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    I agree with Mr. Edmondson, Ron when he writes,"The best leaders are always learning.  Great leaders understand the power of their words.  Great leaders choose their words carefully."
    There is so much new knowledge and technology being added each day that leaders must know how to communicate 
with team members within their organization with clarity, inspiration and purpose so that they can assimulate new information into the vision, strategies and innovation activities as quickly as possible within their organizations. The use of words which encourage team building and employee development helps to facilitate a positive company culture and cohesiveness within their teams and across different departments. With a strong leadership vocabulary and active listening skills, a leader will be able to seize opportunities and problem solve challenges and encourage changes to be made that help facilitate operations within the company to run more efficiently.
    Are your words making your corporation stronger or weaker. A leader is able to build people up and involve them in making the vision of the company a reality. Never forget that you are a role model of excellence for people that you know and do not know everywhere that you go. It is impossible to take the effect of words back that should never have been said.

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The World’s Shortest Course in Leadership

The World’s Shortest Course in Leadership | FortitudeThinkers |
Keys to excellence in management and leadership.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    Thank you, Mr. Nemko, Marty for sharing your most valuable  ideas on leadership and management.  All your ideas have value.  
I like your view on criticism the most.  
      You wrote, "Criticism should not be viewed as a dirty word.  Tactful criticism, where possible, with suggestions for improvement should be an ongoing part of manager/supervisee relationship. Managing by walking around giving in context feedbacks should be standard procedure."  I believe that before criticizing anyone all sides involved should be given the opportunity for their imput before a judgment is made. There are measures of politics and jealousy in many workplaces.  Once the facts are established, healthy feedback can be a springboard for more company innovation, excellence and in return more satisfied customers.  When the managers are actively involved in helping to make work, run more efficiently, it has a positive effect on the whole operations of the company. The employees will give more of themselves to the job when they see the  boss and supervisors genuinely care about making the company better on all levels.  Feedback is crucial.  I believe that classes on feedback and active listening should be required and given at every company.
    The value of experience in feedback is priceless and facilitates growth.
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What it takes to be a great leader

What it takes to be a great leader | FortitudeThinkers |
The world is full of leadership programs, but the best way to learn how to lead might be right under your nose.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    I agree with Ms. Torres, Roselinde, "That leaders need to prepare themselves for the realities of today and the unknown possibilities of tomorrow."  We all leaders on different levels.  We can work to close the gaps in our leadership starting now.
    I believe that everyone should be trying to be the best in his/her field and connecting it with technology and the internet of things by studying on your own, in groups and enrolling in online courses also utilizing mentors coaches, mentor and advocates. 
    We should be pushing ourselves, family, community, country and world community forward and out of their comfort zones.
    Can one see change touching every aspect of his/her life?  Does one value a diverse network? Does one has the vision to innovate? What does it take to stir up creativity in oneself, family, community, company, country and globally to manifest crucial initiatives?
    I know that skills in technology, diverse teams, change detection, big data, communications, active listening, negotiating, networking, trust, cooperation, reconciliation, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, apology, design thinking will be a 'must  haves' in the twenty-first century.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view this video of this TEDX speaker, Ms. Torres, Roselinde.
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The Truth About Courageous Leadership - Lolly Daskal | Leadership

The Truth About Courageous Leadership - Lolly Daskal | Leadership | FortitudeThinkers |

As a coach, I spend a lot of time listening to leaders. Many of the things I hear probably wouldn’t be said to anyone else. But behind the scenes it is hard

Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

    "Courageous leaders are not afraid to take risks that lies in the heart of his or her integrity and necessary to move their intentions for forward.  Courageous leaders have to be very agile and possess much fortitude within.  They do set the standards that others do follow.  They are able to battle forward as long as needed and then some more.

    When you walk forward in courage, the universe opens its doors to you, too.  Courageous leaders are not afraid to develop talent, make friends and give service.  Courageous leaders take the time to really listen.  Fear has no power over a courageous leader.

    Acknowledge and thank the leaders in your family, local and globally community also the ones that we read about on the internet who are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

    You do have to have heart, to live what you believe in.  Thank you, Ms. Daskal, Lolly for writing this article,  I appreciate all of the wisdom and inspiration in it."

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The Inspiring, Empathetic Leadership of Nintendo's CEO -

The Inspiring, Empathetic Leadership of Nintendo's CEO - | FortitudeThinkers |
During his 15 years at Nintendo, CEO Satoru Iwata established a legacy long on leadership, likability, inclusiveness, and innovation.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

    "Having a heart overflowing with empathy is a true gift which the late CEO Satoru Iwata possessed, and his heart was able to connect with the hearts of people within his company, outside of it and across cultures.  He was a great listener and truly cared about others.  He will always be remembered. 

     To be a true giver or helper, one has to have a high degree of empathy.  A CEO should be a servant, accountable and a role model for all. A meaningful life of service to others is always honored and remembered.  Thank you for this article."


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John C. Maxwell: 10 Actions to Help Your Team Accept Change

John C. Maxwell: 10 Actions to Help Your Team Accept Change | FortitudeThinkers |
Early in my career, I took over a volunteer-driven organization that had been led by the same man for 27 years. I respected the previous leader and admired a lot of the things he did.

Via Anne Leong
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

    "If you are agile and adaptable to change, you will be able to teach and help others to become more comfortable with changes in your organization.  Mr Maxwell,John C. gives 10 ways to help people to move change through an organization and deal effectively with resistance. The 10 ways  are reasonable and workable.

   Having empathy with your employees and connecting with them is a part of building trust and relationships. Influencers of the company should be looked at as assets and talents. Get them involve. Do not be afraid to see what is behind the resistance and listen. Share your values. Let people know who you are and move confidently forward. Focus on top priorities and act and make people aware of the victories after new changes have been implemented. A leader is always grooming new leaders. Developing and equipping new leaders drive success.

    Initiating change and overcoming resistance are not an easy tasks.  It may take months, but it is not impossible.  I did enjoy reading this article "John C. Maxwell: 10 Actions to Help Your Team Accept Change". I love strategies to use in the journey toward success in business and our personal lives.






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MOOC 4.0: The Next Revolution in Learning and Leadership

MOOC 4.0: The Next Revolution in Learning and Leadership | FortitudeThinkers |
Last month my colleagues and I completed a pilot of what well may be the most interesting project of my life.

Via Vladimir Kukharenko, Leona Ungerer
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

   " MOOC 4.0,the new space for learning puts the learner in the driver's seat for innovation and change.  The pilot of the new type of MOOC was recently completed with astonishing results which has hopeful aspirations in education,business and large system change.

    The MOOCs have evolved from level 1.0 to 4.0 over the past three years. The goal of the pilot class,MITx U.Lab as stated in the article was "Transforming business,society and self is to empower change makers to co-sense and co-shape the future.This MOOC was offered through the edX platform."  I encourage everyone to read up on EdX.

    For MOOC 4.0,the article stated,"The conversation of learning is many-to-many. Deep listening among listeners is encouraged as a vehicle for sensing one's highest future possibility through the eyes of others."

    The participants talked about experiencing a collective presence 

and the "new We" was described as the fourth teacher.

Feedback by participants was given concerning inhibitors to learning in MOOC 4,barriers preventing you from accessing your deepest creativity,and what support do you need to realize your dream. Also how to overcome the three great inhibitors of fear,greed and ignorance was discussed. 

    Even though we live in different countries we still face the same problems of humanity, and we should be able to connect with  others,help others grow and help to create possible solutions to problems unique to ourselves,our communities,companies and globally. Of course we will experience a type of empowerment when we touch the heart and souls of people we communicate with online.

   The next delivery of the U.Lab will start Sept 10,2015. Leaders and NGOs want to explore its use as a vehicle for massive open civic engagement and cross sectoral change in their countries,companies and communities.  MOOC 4.0 is on the frontier of learning,innovation and creativity in many areas.

    Thank you Mr. Scharmer,Otto for allowing to read this article. Congratulations! The impact of this new MOOC 4.0 is huge."



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2 Perspectives From Harvard on Startup Leadership

2 Perspectives From Harvard on Startup Leadership | FortitudeThinkers |
Two graduates of the esteemed Harvard School of Business have divergent views on leadership principles.

Via Anne Leong
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The Four Leadership Lessons Millennials Really Need - Forbes

The Four Leadership Lessons Millennials Really Need - Forbes | FortitudeThinkers |

The Four Leadership Lessons Millennials Really Need
A guest post by Stephanie Denning, who writes about leadership issues from a Millennial perspective. I wish someone had given me this advice sooner.

Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

  "Launching young adults into the full responsibilities of work and daily living outside of the family and university support system has never been an easy task to accomplish. The advice given in this article is a good start. Many want to have the career of their dreams, but it does not come overnight. Forming good habits,networking, persistence and trusting yourself  does eventually pay off. As you get older and wiser, one's definition for success may  change. For me,having good health, happy family life, and solid friendships are my number ones. I believe that doing the type of work that you love and enjoy are important and if you do it well, it will bring profit to you and attract the right people to your business. Usually people will communicate to you what expertise that they recognize in you. I believe mentors,coaches and internships also may help clarify your purpose more. I did enjoy reading this article by Staphanie Denning. It did bring back some of my early journey memories in life. The beginnings of anything new are always a little puzzling."

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The Leadership Conference Education Fund, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law & Nine Partner Organizations Launch Communities Against Hate National Initiative

The Leadership Conference Education Fund, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law & Nine Partner Organizations Launch Communities Against Hate National Initiative | FortitudeThinkers |
Today, The Leadership Conference Education Fund and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law announced the launch of Communities Against Hate, an initiative of 11 prominent national organizations working together to address the disturbing spike in hate incidents across the United States.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    "Acts of hate not only devastate individuals, but also target entire communities, threatening to undermine the most basic tenets of our democracy.  Now is the time for communities to come together to prevent these incidents from happening in the first place", 
said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of the The Leadership Conference Education Fund.  Communities Against Hate National Initiative of 11 prominent national organizations launched today.
"The organizations are launching a database to bring visibility to hate incidents and helping victims and organizations obtain access to legal resources and social services through a resource hotline #,
1-844-9-No-Hate or 1-844-966-4283"
Partner Organizations include:
  1.The Leadership ConferenceEducation Fund
  2. Southern Poverty Law Center
  3. Center for Community Change
  4. Color of Change
  5. Genders & Sexualuties Alliance Network(GSA Network)
  6. Hollaback
  7. Muslim Advocates
  8. National Council of LaRaza
  9. National Network for Arab American Communities(NNAAC)
10. New York City Anti-Violence Project
11. Transgender Law Center
    "Additional, as part of this initiative, the Open Society Foundation to date has made grants to 48 local organizations with innovative ideas for addressing hate incidents in their neighborhoods.  These grants covering 23 states and Puerto Rico, support a wide range of affected communities communities and diverse approaches to countering hate and helping its victims."
  Among them:
1. Bet Tzedek
3. South Dakota Faith in Public Life

    Victims and witnesses must report hate crimes.  We must not be afraid to step forward and confront the problems and get help to make them stop. False accusations are hate crimes.  The police throwing drugs into your vehicle because you are a young black teen or young black adult on a routine traffic stop is a hate crime.  A person hitting you because you disagree with them is a hate crime.  A supervisor bullying you at work because you are good employee or jealousy is a hate crime.  A counselor who gives a student who transfers late bad grades and rating because she doesn't want to do extra work in rerating everyone for graduation purposes is a hate crime. You take your car to a repair shop, but you did know the car repair owner was behind on his lease and all cars within the fence were taken by the lease owner.  You never get your car back, even after a judge orders the car repair owner to return your vehicle that could be a hate crime, too.  We have to confront hate and evil even though we may fear retaliation.  Only then can mental and emotional wounds start to heal in individuals and communities.
    Some people have lived with hatred all their lives.  You don't have to be alone in your fight anymore.  Now is the time to say , "No More."  Please call the hotline resource number,
 1-844-9-No-Hate or 1-844-966-4283 and get some help.
  Life can be better.

Follow and participate on social media hashtag, #CommunitiesAgainstHate

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For a more resilient world, promote women's leadership - expert

For a more resilient world, promote women's leadership - expert | FortitudeThinkers |
It's time to stop talking about women as victims - and to look instead about what holds them back in their efforts to become resilient.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    Ms. Bridgett-Jones, Sundaa a top resilience expert writes, "For a more resilient world, promote women's leadership. Women's vulnerabilities can be different from those of men.  For example, women may be less mobile or constrained by family duties. But they also have different perspectives and different ways of dealing with problems that can improve how communities react, research says."  Women have  to confront, research and problem solve what is directly holding them back in their efforts to become resilient. Most problems are not solved overnight. It takes commitment and diligence.  Global support, organizations, associations and relationships need to be formed. Some have already been active. Women as well men need to come together to discuss the issues that are holding women back..
    The Rockefeller Foundation defines "Resilience as the capacity of individuals, communities, systems to survive, adapt and grow in the face of stress and shocks and even transform themselves."
    The London based Overseas Development Institute study said, "Fewer organizations now point to women as victims of climate change and disasters and instead highlight the structural inequalities impeding women's efforts to make themselves, their families and their communities more resilient."
    The Asian Development Bank is now asking questions when it makes multimillion dollar investments, "Whether new infrastructure will benefit women's income as well as men's."
    "A Rockefeller Foundation backed program to get at least 100 woman heading Fortune 500 companies  by 2025 would also foster a new thinking about resilience, and the Rockefeller Foundation has funded a push in both developed and developing countries through new and existing organizations to promote the notion of resilient cities and communities, writes Ms. Bridgett-Jones, Sundaa.
    I believe that it would be a good idea for everyone to study resilience and become involved with organizations that promote resilience.  I believe that survival capacity is needed everywhere because stress  and shocks in some form exist everywhere.  People need help and hope to confront what is holding them back from becoming resilient.  Removing inequalities takes group responses and sometimes global organizational responses. Women have unique skills, and they should be allowed to soar to their full potential in family, community, education, workplace and boardrooms if that is their desire.  No one should limited.  Women can make the world more resilient with their perspectives that they bring to the collective intelligence groups.
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Top 7 Leadership Qualities that makes a great leader - KnowStartup

Top 7 Leadership Qualities that makes a great leader - KnowStartup | FortitudeThinkers |
Top 7 Leadership Qualities that makes a great leader
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    I really enjoyed reading this article written by Mr. Chandra, Ankur.
Mr. Chandra writes, "There are some clear characteristics that are found in good leaders.  These qualities can be developed or may be naturally part of their personality."
    These are the leadership qualities listed by Mr. Chandra:
1. Self-Awareness
2. Character
3. Enthusiastic
4. Confident
5. Purposeful
5. Strategic Planning
6. Courage
7. Calm
8. Analytical
    I believe that everyone is a leader somewhere, if not at the office than at home or in the community.  Self- development should be ongoing process.  These leadership qualities should be studied and practiced and melted into our core.  We should all strive to be better and stronger leaders.  If we know who we are and are capabilities, we should be able to stepout and make a difference in the lives of others.      It does take real courage to get involve, connect and make this world better.

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Getting the Leadership Basics Right

Getting the Leadership Basics Right | FortitudeThinkers |
Whether they’re selling concrete or chocolate, CEOs can still look to five steadfast rules.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    The content in this article is extremely interesting.  I like the contrast that the author, Mr. McNulty, Eric did between the two CEOs, 
Ms. Tranchell, Sophi, of the company, Divine Chocolate and
 Mr. Sandbrook, Bill, of the company, U.S. Concrete whom seem to have very little in common except for the five fundamental principles of leadership which were practiced and structured in the operations of their two companies. 
    I agree that these leadership basics are the right fundamentals to have in place when starting, running any company or organization.
    1. Hire people who can find meaning through your business.
    2. Provide clear, compelling goals.
    3. Give people a path for growth and impact.
    4. Foster a positive, supportive culture.
    5. Lead with a higher purpose. 
    One has to have commitment, skills and experience to make sure these fundamental principles stay in the heart of company operations, but as always it  begins with the leader, the one who is in charge and sets standards.  Leaders have great responsibilities, and they have to be learners, too, to stay competitive. 
     If a company's leadership basics are practiced well, the company will improve lives of its people and also will a have positive impact on the community.  It may become international role models, such as Divine Chocolate and U.S. Concrete. 
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The Value of Gender-Based Leadership | The European Business Review

The Value of Gender-Based Leadership | The European Business Review | FortitudeThinkers |
By Melissa Greenwell   If a roomful of men can draw on their experiences and insights to help a business succeed, a roomful of men an
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    I appreciate Melissa Green well for writing this article.  I appreciate learning about the impact women are making in top leadership positions and boardrooms in the corporate world.  The results of market returns are proving the value gender-based leadership in financial returns and collective intelligence.
    I enjoy learning about the impact women have on the c factor, collective intelligence, with research evidence from a 2010 joint university study of Carnegie Mellan University and the MIT Center for Collective Inteligence and also the gender balanced boards positive impact on corporate financial performance and stock valuations from the Credit Suisse Research Institutes 2012 Gender Diversity and Corporate Performance Report.
   According the 2010 joint university study,"The more women a group has, the better it performs on tasks such as brainstorming, decision making, and problem-solving."  Based on these facts,  it would logically follow that productivity and innovation in a corporation would also elevate if more women talent was utilized in high leadership positions.
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Ideo: The 7 Most Important Hires For Creating A Culture Of Innovation

Sure, founders set a tone. But they aren't the only ones who shape workplace culture, writes Ideo's Mollie West.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:
    I appreciate reading  Molly West's article about the roles that are required in the twenty-first century to create a culture of innovation within a company.
    Change is happening so fast that the founders, HR department, and CEO will not be able to fulfill all the roles of the gardener, sage, empathizer, talent guru, dean, storyteller and questioner which are need for creating a culture of innovation. They will need the help of their employees and skilled professionals.
    If the company employees are educated as to what the founder's vision for the company innovation culture is, some of the employees will want  to participate in adding value and fulfilling some of these roles.  All employees should be trained to be storytellers, company brand voices.  How does the job the employee perform make the brand?  Everyone should know how the company was founded and be able to tell that story, too.
    I believe that employee wellbeing and innovation are connected.  Wellbeing is connected to a healthy company culture.
Creating a culture of innovation increases wellbeing and promotes an atmosphere of creativity.  Employees should find meaning, curiosity in their work and want to engage in ways to make things better in the workplace and connect with customers needs, too.  Increasing communication lines does stir the mix for creativity and innovation much more.
    Thank you again for the opportunity to read this very meaningful article by Molly West.
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50 Quotes on Leadership Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

50 Quotes on Leadership Every Entrepreneur Should Follow | FortitudeThinkers |

Need a little pep talk? These inspirational quotes should get you in the right frame of mind.

Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

    Leaders must be overflowing with strength, knowledge and wisdom from within so that they are able to empower and uplift others.  Having your favorite inspirations memorized and stored within will give  you the added fuel to pour into the fires of fortitude  alive in your heart along with your faith to keep you moving forward.

    I enjoyed reading all fifty of the leadership quotes.  They are excellent .  Some I have read before and continue to love.

    Thank you author John Rampton for putting all these quotes in one place.  It good to have strong resources of inspirations.  This is a excellent article.  Many leaders will value it.

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US leadership, support vital to host of global issues, UN chief stresses at ... - UN News Centre

US leadership, support vital to host of global issues, UN chief stresses at ... - UN News Centre | FortitudeThinkers |
The United Nations counts on the leadership and support of the United States on a range of critical issues, from climate change and sustainable development to resolving crises such as those in Syria and Yemen, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said...
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

                          Global Visionaries and Forward Leadership    


    The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently visited the President Obama at the White House.  "The Iranian nuclear deal and the normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba are truly historic diplomatic achievements by President Obama and the US Government," said the Secretary General.


    President Obama's commitment to climate change and the Clean Plan were also praised.  


    President Obama also made impact on African leadership during his recent visit.  The meeting between Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and President Obama was said to be 'extremely constrictive.


    We will be looking forward to the "historic" General Assembly in September and international community meeting in December in Paris. Hopefully the foundations for an international agreement on climate change will be made and sustained.


    I believe that the US citizens and our leaders who represent the people will always be active, collaborating and finding opportunities for solutions for global issues and problems.  Thank you for the informative article written by the UN News Centre.  I appreciate you.

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Alphabet Success by Tim Fargo: Leadership, fear and reality.

Alphabet Success by Tim Fargo: Leadership, fear and reality. | FortitudeThinkers |
Leadership, fear and reality.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

    "The people in leadership positions usually know what is going on in their  companies whether good or bad.  Many bright employees usually have already voiced their concerns over so called new problems or problems that have been so called covered. Some people have decided or will carry burdens because they have benefits but that does not make it the right or appropriate decision. The culture of a company represents the leaders' mindsets. That is what I have seen and have been told by  managers as my experience working in corporations for 35 years.  Most talented and gifted people love following leaders with integrity, courage  and who are able to act on  opportunities that make the company  and company culture better.

    I really enjoyed this blog, Alphabet Success by Tim Fargo: Leader, fear and reality" .  Thank you, Mr. Fargo, Tim."

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The Act of Empowering Others Changes Lives - Lolly Daskal | Leadership Development

The Act of Empowering Others Changes Lives - Lolly Daskal | Leadership Development | FortitudeThinkers |
When you empower people, you’re influencing not only them, but also all the people they will influence in turn through their leadership. That is empowering.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

    A true leader is a change agent.  He is a driver of empowerment.

He is a driver of success.  He is a role model.

    Every employee has a right to feel success at his job.  The leader should insist that every employee is trained to do his job and be a part of that training process.  Every employee wants to have success,fulfillment at performing his or her job and feel part of a team.

Employees want their leaders to care about their success at work, their dreams and ideals about making things better at work and give suggestions on advancing in their careers.  Also everyone likes a  nice "Thank you".

         Ms Daskal discusses 7 ways a true leader empowers employees.  When a true leader empowers others,he or she changes company culture and employee lives.  There are positive impacts on business activities,employees' lives and community life.

    The effects of empowerment are always noticeable. Employees practice what they learn and see their leaders do.  Show your best and give your best to help others succeed. The seeds of empowerment always multiply and grow. There  is goodness in the act of empowering. Do you have the caring heart and skills to empower the people that you work with and come into contact with everyday? Businesses have to empower their employees to be truly success.  People love to hear  great stories about how lives are being changed for the better.

    I enjoyed reading the blog,"The Act of Empowering Others Changes Lives" by Ms. Daskal,Lolly.  I will definitely review this blog frequently and make sure that I am incorporating the ways of empowering in my daily life.  Empowering starts from within.  You have to care and act.  

 Thank you Ms. Daskal,Lolly!


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What the Dalai Lama Taught Daniel Goleman About Emotional Intelligence

What the Dalai Lama Taught Daniel Goleman About Emotional Intelligence | FortitudeThinkers |
We can all get better at cultivating compassion.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

    "I am excited about Daniel Goleman's new book,"Force of Good" coming out in June.  I believe that it will have a very positive impact of increasing people awareness concerning compassion,three types of empathy,emotional intelligence and call to action in getting much more involved in family,business,community and global problems.

    To be human is to connect to humanity and become a very active participant in creating possible solutions for world and community problems.

    The depth of the Dalai Lama's compassion for future generations 

and his vision of global collaboration touches the hearts of many people all over the world.

    Dalai Lama is an excellent role model for many.  He is a world citizen.  He is driven to research world problems in depth and able to communicate with people on all levels. He shows compassion for all.

He is able to reaches out his heart and hands to connect and help many at all levels. He shows no partiality.   How could we not appreciate,cherish him and follow his lead? Of course, we want to know much more about this man, Dalai Lama.  He arouses much curiosity of mind and heart.

    Thank you Andrea Ovans for the opportunity to read your article."

Shawn Boockoff's curator insight, May 6, 2015 9:10 AM

We can get better at cultivating compassion...if we practice at it.

Miguel Herrera E.'s curator insight, May 10, 2015 11:46 PM

Porque es tan importante ser empatico y como aprenderlo

Francien Daniels-webb's curator insight, June 20, 2015 9:02 AM

My life has totally flipped and for the better.  Finding and accepting that I could not afford to live in one place paying rent and utilities I became homeless.  All my 'stuff' went to the Salvos Thrift Shop.  Now I am a World Citizen and at 64 my life and health has never been in a better place.  

I don't charge for my services, I Pay it Forward and have since December 2011.  Do I miss having my 'own' place?  Not for a moment, no one can own anything permanently.

Meet me on as well as my daughter Felicity and also my granson Kieran who also has Free Accommodation, the current home sit is for 12 months In Victoria Australia while I am home and pet sitting myself around North America for 11 months.  #lovemyperfectlifestyle

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Capt. Ron Johnson's leadership challenge in Ferguson - Washington Post (blog)

Capt. Ron Johnson's leadership challenge in Ferguson - Washington Post (blog) | FortitudeThinkers |
New York Times
Capt. Ron Johnson's leadership challenge in Ferguson
Washington Post (blog)
When Gov.
Jan(McMorris)Manimoi's insight:

  "Capt.Ron Johnson's leadership  challenge in Ferguson was not as disruptive as I thought is could have been. Capt.Ron Johnson's was chosen to assume the position because he was equipped for the job. Capt. Ron Johnson knew how to build and mend relationships and in turn increase trust and loyalty within the community. He grew up in Ferguson. He knew what the concerns of the people were because he also faced issues as a black child growing up in America. But he was different because he believe that change for the better was possible now, and he was willing to be a participant in that change. If the people participate in nonviolent protests,they could set the standard for how change can occur in many other cities with similar problems across the U.S.A.. Capt.Ron Johnson sets the example how police and law enforcement officers should respond and act when citizens are trying to bring light and change on heart breaking,agonizing,ugly problems in the community.The Ferguson community has the capacity,intelligence,understanding,problem solving skills and outside experts to help to bring about healthy changes to the whole community. It is a wonderful thing to see Americans come together to solve major problems. A precious young life that was taken is causing  change initiatives in the Ferguson community and international awareness to difficult problems faced by black Americans."


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