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Create a Presentation With Curated Social Media Content: Slidestaxx

Create a Presentation With Curated Social Media Content: Slidestaxx | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Robin Good: Slidestaxx is a web-based service which allows anyone to easily create a shareable and embeddable visual slide-show by selecting and bringing together existing images, video clips, web sites and other content already available online.


My take: I like the idea of being able to produce presentations that contain properly "credited" third party content, but it would be even better to have these functionality integrated in your existing favorite presentation tool rather than elsewhere.


I think that this curation-presentation format suffers from the natural constraints of how we look at presentations. One slide at a time. I think that any curated-format benefits from providing the possibility to see both the detail and the larger picture and in this case I feel that the ability to see the presentation, also as an album, woud greatly benefit the value and benefits of this tool.


The service is free to use.


See a few examples: http://www.slidestaxx.com/about-slidestaxx 

Find out more: http://www.slidestaxx.com/ 



(Reviewed by Robin Good)

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