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The Best Tools For Making Online Timelines

The Best Tools For Making Online Timelines | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

There are many online timeline tools out there. But I’ve only found a few that are easily accessible to English Language Learners and non-tech-savvy students and teachers, free, and allow users to grab images off the web to add to their final product.


All three seem very similar. At least, I haven’t found much difference between them, but perhaps I’m missing something. My picks for The Best Tools For Making Online Timelines are:


Xtimeline : http://www.xtimeline.com/index.aspx

Dipity : http://www.dipity.com/

Capzles : http://www.capzles.com/

Photo Timeline : http://www.life.com/timeline

Timeglider : http://timeglider.com/

When In Time : http://goo.gl/JGgvt

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