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100 Google Chrome Tips "For Everyone"

100 Google Chrome Tips "For Everyone" | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

I made Chrome my default browser on the day it was released. It was love at first sight! After few weeks, I started chromestory.com to connect with fellow Chrome users and share news and tips. So if you use Chrome, you are already my friend.

Special thanks to my friends at the Chromebook community on Google Plusfor their suggestions! and of course, François Beaufort :-)

With 100 Google Chrome Tips for Everyone, I am re-introducing the ebook I published earlier. Since this is a page that can be easily updated, the content will be updated often for better accuracy.

The ebook had a section on Chrome OS and Chromebooks. Since I have a new page here for Chrome OS  and Chromebook tips, this page will replace those Chrome OS tips with new Chrome tips.

Use the comment form at the bottom of the page to provide feedback, corrections and new additions to the list. And do share this page with your friends!

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