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10 Best Temporary Email Services

10 Best Temporary Email Services | Time to Learn | Scoop.it
Your own original email address is a really personal thing. You cannot always give it away to everyone or every website, especially when spams, hacks and phishing abuses are extremely common on internet. It is obvious that no one likes hundreds of junk emails in their inbox or even account’s hacking. Many times in life you come across such websites or even people to whom you are required to give your email address for one reason or the other, but you don’t trust them. For instance, some website asks you for your email address for email verification but you are doubtful of the website; or some people you just met or some friend’s friend wants to email you some details but you don’t trust them. Many of these websites would sell your email address to other services for money, which results in you receiving a huge number of spam emails. We know giving out email everywhere is not safe, but what can we do in such situations when giving your email address becomes a must? Well, in such cases Temporary Email Services are the thing that can come in handy. These services require no registration; simply go to their page and get your temporary email address and emails there for a set time. So we have collected for you a list of 10 Best Temporary Email Services to keep your real email ID safe and spam free. Check them out!
Johnathon Cornpoo's comment, April 29, 2013 11:48 PM
only missing...Mailsac.com! http://mailsac.com
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