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5 Best Free Audio – Video Format Conversion Software

5 Best Free Audio – Video Format Conversion Software | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Many different audio video formats are there but still most devices and programs will only take few formats.


1. Device-Oriented Programs – They are capable of converting audio and video files for portable devices such as iPod.


+ Pazera Video Converters Suite : http://goo.gl/kt7f6

+ Miro Video Converter : http://goo.gl/OIoA


2. Hybrid Programs – It do compromises to handle both jobs.


+ iWisoft Free Video Converter : http://goo.gl/fjjVO

+ Format Factory : http://www.formatoz.com/

+Freemake : http://goo.gl/41Mt


3. Custom-Oriented Programs – They have lots of settings and the ability to save custom formats. They have more complicated interfaces. Generally, they are used for odd devices or for compressing audio or video.


+ FFCoder : http://goo.gl/DTVAO


4. Audio-only Programs – They have simple interface.


+ xRecode II : http://xrecode.com/

+ Pazera Free Audio Extractor : http://goo.gl/6uoC


5. Online Conversion Websites – When you upload a file it converts it for you and then you can re-download the new format. There are sometimes file-size restrictions with these services.


+ Zamzar : http://www.zamzar.com/

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