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There’s lots of debate these days about “local food.” Is it better tasting, or better for you? Does it offer a viable economic model? Is it a fad? The answers to those and other pointed questions are best answered elsewhere. But, as a writer and consumer of food media I can tell you one thing with certainty. The local food movement has completely changed the way we tell stories about food. As the local farmer has found a voice, the narrative has shifted. Food is no longer an impersonal commodity. More often, it is a customized, nurtured, hand-crafted product created by a passionate and invested individual.


Here's a terrific article about how market forces and storytelling is changing marketing and branding. In this case, the author Tom Barritt is talking about the food industry.


I like how Tom chronicles this shift, and the food industry offers a great example. The key to this shift? Finding the human element in your stories. For maximum effect, your stories are not about the product, or the 'brand', but about people.


Take a lesson here for better business storytelling and enjoy better results!


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