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Social Media Marketing Podcast 008: In this episode Derek Halpern talks about how the power of persuasion moves people to action.


No doubt about it -- the toughest part in crafting effective business stories is the ending.


In other words -- your key message along with the words and phrases you use at the end to move people to action. That is the point of business stories, isn't it?


We all need help with this and it is not all that easy to do. So while this article and podcast doesn't have stories or storytelling in its title or text, it is undeniably about business narratives -- and how to have them work for you.


Just keep it authentic folks. It is easy to turn storytelling into manipulation. It's a fine line to walk. So pay attention to that dynamic and keep trying to do your best.


Read this post, listen to the podcast, and keep mastering how to (authentically) move people to action with your stories.


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