Your phone will know you're sick before you do | FMCG* |

In the not-too-distant future, you'll receive a full diagnosis and cure from your smartphone before you have even realized you're unwell. While this may seem like science fiction, it's on the cusp of becoming a reality. Digital is set to embark on a path of radical transformation in the health and wellness sector and in doing so it will help us to overcome some of the most significant challenges we face in health care.


We have an aging society and as elderly people account for a larger share of the population, the prevalence of long-term health problems will increase. This will cause a bigger cost burden and pressure health systems to accommodate an aging workforce.


Furthermore, lifestyle-related chronic health problems, including obesity and diabetes, are on the rise with dramatic implications for health service budgets. The cost of supporting these demographic trends is unsustainable but digital services are likely to be part of the solution society is looking for.

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