Prevent the Appearance of Premature Aging with Dentures As you age, it is possible for you to lose teeth along the way. In order to keep your mouth appearing normal and to allow you to eat normally, you many need to get dentures. To have dentures made, an impression of your mouth will be needed. This is done to create the structure that will be used to attach the artificial teeth. Additionally, the color of your teeth will need to be compared with a color chart to make sure the dentures match your natural teeth for a more natural look. The impression is sent along to a laboratory where the dentures are made. The impression and the shape of the teeth, as well as the way the dentures fit into your mouth, are all taken into consideration. This way, you get the best possible look and feel. When the dentures are fabricated, you will be brought in to try them on and any last minute adjustments can be made. Call Us Now For Pricing and a Free Consultation: (623) 551-8000 Why Do You Need Dentures? When you do not have teeth, the facial muscles can sag to create a hollow appearance around your mouth, making you look much older than you are. Dentures can help to prevent this from occurring, because the facial muscles will play against the dentures as if they were regular teeth. Dentures also make it possible for you to eat like normal. Those with missing teeth are forced to eat soft foods or to convert to a liquid diet in order to make it possible to eat at all. What are the Benefits of Having Dentures? Dentures are an affordable alternative to bridges and implants. They provide you with the appearance of a complete smile even if you have undergone one or more extractions. Remaining teeth are prevented from moving out of position because you will have dentures in place throughout the day. By having dentures, it is also much easier to clean the gums where teeth used to be, as well as the dentures themselves. Brushing like normal, paying attention to the gums and palate, and brushing the dentures allows you to have a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come. With the new innovations in dentures, you can enjoy more comfort than those who have worn dentures in years past. Dr. Darren Flowers Is the Right Choice for Dentures in Anthem When you opt to wear dentures, it is important to get them from a professional like Dr. Darren Flowers in Anthem, Ariz. Graduating from the University of Kentucky in 1995, with a doctoral degree in dental medicine, Dr. Flowers is experienced in providing the best in oral care. Along with an attentive and friendly staff, Dr. Darren Flowers makes sure you are able to receive the dentures you need and enjoy a better smile. Your comfort and your happiness are an important consideration when creating your dentures. Thanks to this specialist in family and cosmetic dentistry, your mouth will be given the care and attention it deserves to assure, and you will enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come. Full Dentures Full dentures include lower and upper dentures, just like the image above. Affordable Dentures Dr. Darren Flowers offers some of the most competitive, affordable pricing on new dentures. To get numbers on how much our affordable dentures cost, please call us to set up a quick, free consultation so Dr. Flowers can diagnose exactly what you need. See more at: