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What is happening with the information that your business is accumulating? If it's important for you to store data for future reference, it is important to think of having a separate party handle it. That's what Document Genetics can do for you. Their aim is simple they aim to speed up the Document management process by using Document management program.

We understand that you get plenty of data on a daily basis. Whether we are talking about email, social networking, web content, fax, video clip, paper or ERP information, we can help you handle it. We have made Document systems for all kinds of businesses. You might be questioning exactly why it is beneficial for your company to use Document management. There are lots of advantages and here are some of them.

You lessen storage fees

How much more property are you investing in to keep all your papers and other files? If you've added real estate costs because of record storage, it's time for you to think of document management. Document Genetics will come in and check out all your files, aid you manage all your electronic resources and move you over to automated invoicing.

You receive flexible retrieval

What will you must do now if someone requested you for documents from 5 years ago? You most likely will have to dig through numerous piles of data files and microfilm. Document management holds all your data into an electronic version that you could access effortlessly by typing in just a couple of words.

You will get better control of your records

Once you've used Document management, only individuals who're accessed to view the files can view them. As long as someone doesn't have access rights, they will not be able to gain access to the documents. In other words, the data which you create is private.

You will get disaster recovery

Let's suppose you lost your records, like the ones which you've as backups. You'd be left in a really embarrassing position and could even lose money simply because of it. Document management solutions like Document Genetics at all times make back-ups of any papers that they save for you and these backup copies are stored safe. You don't ever have to bother with losing your files. Life would be so significant that you read this information:

You cannot lose records

In some cases, if you want to look at an old document and you draw it out of the store, it may get lost. You can prevent this by using Document providers. Because you see the file in digital format, you'll never lose it.

So how exactly does Document Genetics do the job?

Whenever you contact us, we set up a Document Health Review. This is the procedure that we use to know your operating processes. This provides us an understanding as to what kind of Document solutions we can provide. We also take a look at recent Document management procedure and we identify areas where you can enhance.

The Document Health Check costs nothing and we have expert Document management consultants to get it done for us. After we understand what your company does and how it is saving files, we offer you what systems we feel are ideal. Contact us today for a free of charge consultation.