Florida Set for New Cut in Spending on Colleges | Florida set for new cut in spending on colleges | Scoop.it

In a move that could drive up tuition prices for public universities in Florida, lawmakers there are expected to slash millions of dollars from the state’s higher education budget.


1.tuition prices driven up due to bugit cuts in higher education's bugit.

2.legislature is expected to slash millions from the higher education bugit

-high tuition is putting many students in a financial bind

3.the writer disagrees with the cuts in the higher education's bugit

4.the writer directly states her opinion by saying,"Florida lawmakers contend that education is essential to high-wage jobs in the state, but the Legislature is again expected to slash millions of dollars from the budget for higher education and may usher in another round of tuition increases."

6.I learned that the legislature is going to make bugit cuts that will leave collges with no choice but to raise tuition, which will drive many students into a financial bind.

7.this type of article was written for people who are looking to apply for colleges.

8.the writer offers tons of evedence to convince you to agree with her by quoting other important people that also agree with her.


2.the writer doesnt offer much information, but she offers just enough information and quotes to persuade you to agree with her about the bugit cuts in the universities of Florida. She uses people like  Eduardo J. Padrón and Gov. Rick Scott to persuade your opinion about the higher education bugit.