Mitt Romney faces major test in Michigan primary, once thought an easy win - Washington Post | Michigan primary |

1. This article is about the likely-hood of the native son, Mitt Romney, being defeated in Michigan.


Rick Santorum has done surprisingly well the past three states.

Mitt Romney was formerly the governor of Michigan.

Citizens for Traditional Values, a Michigan-based group that has an e-mail list of 15,000 social conservatives and has not endorsed a candidate in the race.

Romney has had a hard time connecting with the working and middle class.

3. The writer is not confident that Romney will win next week in Michigan and thinks that Santorum is a force to be reckoned with.

4. No, but the writer talks lots about how good of a chance Santorum has to beat Romney yet again in this primary.

6. I have learned that the columnist is openminded and interested to see how things play out but also has a current favorite Republican canitdate.

7. This article was written for the type of reader that is looking to try and predict the outcome of the Michigan primary early.

8. No, the writer hardly provides any evidence at all as to why Santorum and his strategies have made him such a front runner.

2. The writer did not at all seem to be biased on his political standpoint but did seem to talk more about the fall of Romney than the success which has led me to believe that he does not think that Romney will do well in his home state. Within the first sentence he mentioned how the Michigan primary was “once thought to be an easy win for…Romney…” may not be any longer because of both Santorum’s sudden success and the fact that Romney has had a hard time connecting with the working and middle class. This number of people is so big that Romney can’t afford to lose them all, but he appears to be grasping for a catch since he came from such a financially prosperous background. The author does, however, briefly mention how “…a loss for Santorum could snap his momentum…” But then he goes right back into saying that it presumably wouldn’t be as bad of a loss as it would for Romney because he wasn’t previously governor of Michigan. More often than not, the author is going to focus and expand on what they think and believe which is how I inferred the author’s purpose of this column.