Float Switch
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Float Switch
Float switch Bingo Sensor A float switch is a switch mounted inside of a float that is activated when the float reaches a certain level.Often, a mercury switch is activated once the float switch has reached a particular angle and then switches off once the float has once again settled at a lessor angle or level. Occasionally, the float switch will consist of nothing more than a float connected to a micro-switch by a rod that turns the switch on and off as the float rises and falls.
How to order the suitable float switch? Classification of float switch
>> Plastic: PP material without full sinister, food grade, is suitable for aqueous medium, food, household appliances and other products
>> PP + NBR float: can withstand higher temperatures, low specific gravity, suitable for oil medium
>> PVDF: temperature of 120 degrees, acid corrosion, compact and durable structure
>> Teflon products: long life, good reliability, stronger pressure for a wide range. Used in most oils, good stability in water.
>> Stainless steel: stainless steel has long life, resistance to higher temperatures, the use of water and oil, and a weak acid environment
>> All stainless steel (high temperature): the temperature reached 200 degrees, suitable for oil temperature environment
>> Stainless steel + PP float: non-toxic, food grade, suitable for a particular class of medium rod length of the water products
>> Stainless steel + NBR float: can withstand higher temperatures, low specific gravity, for a particular product oil medium long shot.
Order details:
Please follow the measured object temperature, pressure, gravity, acid and other characteristics, to choose the above table all kinds of float switch.
1. Temperature: PVDF maximum temperature of 120 ℃, PP up to 80 ℃, SUS304/316 up to 200 ℃.
2. Pressure: Plastic float voltage maximum 5 kg/cm2, SUS floats voltage max 30kg/cm2.
3. Adhesion: should use large ball, a small proportion of the float to overcome the surface tension of liquid.
4. The resistance: plastic material suitable for acid-base sites, if the temperature consider should be used PVDF.
5. Oil: Should the use of metal materials.
6. Specific gravity: float specific gravity SG must be less than the measured liquid, or float it up.
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