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Teachers, parents say students thrive in 'flipped learning' classrooms

Teachers, parents say students thrive in 'flipped learning' classrooms | Flipped Classroom | Scoop.it
There's a quiet revolution happening in some local classrooms. It's called 'Flipped Learning,' and teachers, students and parents are raving about it. - Local at MyNorthwest.com

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Must read 

Meleny Weber's comment, October 14, 2013 4:35 PM
I like seeing the parent's response to Flipped Classrooms. You normally only hear of a teacher's view or the students' view on the new method. Parents should be very involved in their kid's learning, so their opinion does in fact matter.
Meleny Weber's curator insight, October 14, 2013 4:35 PM
This article shows a unique method in a flipped classroom. Instead of the students going home to listen to a recorded lecture, they hear it in class. This article talks about a specific teacher, Mr. Brown, who divides his class of 24 into three groups. One group listens to the pre-recorded lesson, while another meets with Mr. Brown and learns the same lesson, while the third group of students meets together for group-work sometimes with the assistance of a parent volunteer. This method sounds awesome! The students get twice as much instruction, and also get more one-on-one assistance from the teacher. They also receive immediate feedback from Mr. Brown, the parent volunteer, and their fellow students. The article then goes on and quotes some of the students in the class. In an interview with one student, Emma, she says that she is very shy and tends to not ask questions. Now, in a flipped classroom she has the opportunity to re-watch the lesson and answer the question herself, also making her a stronger student in the long-term. The author of the article also interviewed the mother of twins in the flipped classroom. She absolutely loves this new method because when her kids miss class they can catch up with schoolwork and keep up with the lesson plans simply by logging online. Flipped classrooms help get parents more involved with their students learning. I know when I was in school and I did not understand a math technique, I would always ask my Dad for help. He went to school a long time before I did, and therefore knows different techniques then we were taught. With flipped classrooms, the parents can watch the video, and help teach their children the teacher’s method. More interviews with students show that they really enjoy the new method of a flipped classroom. They finish most of their work in the classroom, because they do not have to wait for other children to understand, and therefore have more free time to participate in extracurricular activities. I really enjoyed this article because it showed a different side to flipped classrooms. This is the only information I found that included the parents view on the situation. The parents in this article put it in a positive light. They did not ask very many parents, so this could be biased article, but after all of my other research and curating, I have to agree that flipped classrooms and blended learning is the future. I think it really helps a lot of students, and makes the classroom a more equal and exciting place to learn! I am definitely thinking about working in a school that practices flipped classrooms because I truly think it is the best option for many students across the nation.
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[Report] Complete Guide to Flipped Classroom - EdTechReview

[Report] Complete Guide to Flipped Classroom - EdTechReview | Flipped Classroom | Scoop.it
Flipped Classroom Report - The report includes the details of the tools, resources and practices for flipping the classrooms, and how people across the globe are practicing and benefiting from it.

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Learn Languages Better – The Flipped Classroom – an #ELTChat Summary

Learn Languages Better – The Flipped Classroom – an #ELTChat Summary | Flipped Classroom | Scoop.it
This is a summary of an #ELTChat that took place on the 24th April, 9pm BST. We discussed flipped classrooms in language teaching.

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Blog post summary of the #eltchat Twitter discussion about flipping an ELT classroom.