Flat 20% Off On All Technology Lists!
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Flat 20% Off On All Technology Lists!
Power up your sales team without draining your resources! Thomson Data offers you 20% off all technology list purchases! Get ready to turn the juice up on your sales operations this summer, with sizzling discounts from Thomson Data!
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Scooped by Robert Jordan

Thomson Data Unveils An Electrifying Discount - Flat 20% Off On All Technology Lists!

Thomson Data Unveils An Electrifying Discount - Flat 20% Off On All Technology Lists! | Flat 20% Off On All Technology Lists! | Scoop.it

Get ready to turn the juice up on your sales operations this summer, with sizzling discounts from Thomson Data!


2012 promises to be a lucrative year for technology marketers and application developers alike. And here’s a little cherry to add to the top of the pie – Thomson Data is offering 20% off on their entire range of technology lists from the 3rd to the 12th of May, 2012! Aimed at enterprises that actively develop market and sell software applications and BPM solutions, Thomson Data’s technology lists are unparalleled in terms of accuracy and coverage. We service the marketing requirements of some of the biggest players in the software industry, including Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

As a world leader in mailing lists and marketing data solutions, Thomson Data supplies its clients with complete business information that includes first names, last names, titles, phone numbers, mobile numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and zip and SIC codes.


Each mailing list passes through a host of rigorous verification protocols before being delivered straight to the client’s doorstep or inbox in the format of their choice. Mailing lists from Thomson Data also offer customers a 95% delivery guarantee, setting an industry benchmark as far as data accuracy is concerned. And the company also offers a host of data segmentation options to enterprises that wish to focus their marketing efforts on niche audiences.


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About Us

Thomson Data is committed to providing cost effective data services that can help companies expand reach to new prospects and also enhance communication with existing customers. We provide highly responsive mailing lists that are custom built based on various demographic selects to help our clients reach the right prospects.
We also provide advanced data enhancement solutions like email appending, data appending, data cleansing and NCOA that can help our customers enhance the value of their existing customer / prospect databases.

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Scooped by Robert Jordan

Get High Response Technology Lists!

Get High Response Technology Lists! | Flat 20% Off On All Technology Lists! | Scoop.it

Enterprise Resource Planning - At Your Finger Tips!

Most large businesses today actively use enterprise resource planning software platforms to integrate management functions across the length and breadth of their organizations. Since ERP extends to almost every core industry, there exists a huge market for third party software providers in the business of creating custom ERP applications to suit the individual operating procedures of different businesses.

And we, at Thomson Data, make sure you can effectively tap into that market.
Thomson Data provides unparalleled coverage of software users across the world. We have technology lists of hundreds of thousands of software users that actively use Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and a horde of related ERP and DBMS software platforms. These software user lists contain complete contact information of key management personnel and decision makers in charge of purchasing and software implementation for their organizations.

Our technology mailing lists feature users of every major ERP and management software currently implemented, including,
Peoplesoft Users Lists
CRM Users Lists
Oracle Applications Users Lists
Unix Users Lists
ERP Users Lists
SAP Users Lists
JD Edwards Users Lists
IT Software mailing Lists
Linux Users mailing Lists
Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Lists
Sybase DBMS Users Lists
Lawson Applications Users Lists
Java Users Lists
Oracle Database Users Lists
Siebel Application Users Lists
AS400 & iSeries Users Lists
IBM DBMS Users Lists
.Net application Users Lists
Infor Applications User Lists
Asp Users Lists

All techmology users mailing lists provide complete marketing information including; first name, last name, title, phone number, mobile number, fax number, email, postal address and zip code. Professional and industry mailing lists may include SIC codes.


For all your technology marketing needs, contact Thomson Data now!


Contact US

29 Heinrick Way
New Jersey - 8807
Phone : 1-800-385-8221
Email : sales@thomsondata.com

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