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// Yeah, I know I'm supposed to only curate here. I've been curating a few posts about Adobe forsaking flash player on mobile. Sounds like every one gave its two cents already. And you're all skilled enough to hit google and read the rest.

Me, I'm tired. I've been a flash dev for 10 years, and every couple years, Flash is dying AGAIN. I wish Adobe (and previously, Macromedia) would just stop giving fodder to the flash haters all the time.  You've been laying 750 people off, I do hope they 're from the PR department.

Seriously, announcing such an event with a leak to ZDNet... how stupid can PR be?


I wish all the good things emerging from the openscreen project could still be the freshest things to learn about flash. Bugger, it's not. 


I won't stop being a Flash dev, flash would have to really die for that. But I'll stop waring on blogs and twitter for Adobe. They can sort their own shit now (not that I did matter anyway :p). And let's hope the flash player (whichever platform it runs on) will soon be opensourced. 


That's all folks, thanks for reading :) //