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Painted as predatory, blood-thirsty creatures in headlines and horror films, sharks are one of the world's most misrepresented creatures.

Now they're in trouble of being lost from our oceans forever.


New Zealand has 112 species of shark recorded in our waters. Of these 79 species are known to be caught in our fisheries, including 28 that are listed as threatened by the

World Conservation Union (IUCN). Only one threatened shark species – the Great White Shark – is protected in New Zealand.

On average 24,000 tonnes of shark are caught each year in New Zealand (Ministry of Fisheries figures) - the equivalent of 300,000 people.

Most of the shark species landed in our fisheries are used for their meat. And to avoid waste, the fins of some species are used. However, seven percent of all sharks landed are taken just for their fins according to Ministry of Fisheries data. A further 1% are taken just for their livers – to extract liver oil.

Finning live sharks is illegal in New Zealand under the Animal Welfare Act, but if the shark is dead it is legal.

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