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The 6th Scientific Conference of Animal Wealth Research

in the Middle East & North Africa

Date and place : 01 – 03 October 2013 - Faculty of Agriculture – Cairo University – Giza Egypt
Organizer (s) : Massive for Conferences & Trade Fairs Co.
Conference Language Arabic and English
Note: Presentations will be mainly in English
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Under The Auspices of :

His Excellency
Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

His Excellency
Chairman of General Authority for Fish Resources Development

His Excellency
Chairman of Agricultural Research Center

Conference Chairman
Prof. Dr. Chairman of Agricultural Research Center
Ministry of Agricultural and Land Reclamation

Conference Co-Chairman
Prof. Dr. Director of Animal Health Research Institute

Int. Speaker
Prof. Dr. Nurcan CETINKAYA
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey

General Trustee
Prof. Dr. Mohamed M. Youssef
Animal Production Research Institute

General Secretary
Prof. Dr. Sayed Ahmed Hassan
Animal Health Research Institute

Conference Relationship Coordinator
Prof.Dr. Hoda Abdel maneam
Animal Health Research Institute

Conference G. Coordinator
Miss. Susan A. Hussein
Massive for Conferences & Trade Fairs

Main Sponsor :
Massive Group Co.

Under scientific supervision of:
Animal Health Research Institute, ARC.
In Co-operation with
Sohag University – Sohag
Kafr El Shikh University
Banha University
Academy of Scientific Res. & Technology
Fac. of Vet. Medicine – Cairo University
Fac. of Vet. Medicine – Banha University
Fac. of Pharmacy – Assiut University
Center of Applied Res. & Advanced Ser.,

Fac. of Pharmcy – Cairo Univ.
Fac., of Agri. – El Monifia University
Fac. of Agri. – Assiut University
Fac. of Agri. – Kafr El Shikh University
Fac. of Agri. – Zagazig University
Animal Production Research Institute, ARC
Food Tech. Research Institute, ARC.
Agri. Eng. Research Institute, ARC
Desert Research Institute, ARC


1. Animal Production & reproduction
2. Animal nutrition
3. Poultry production
4. Animal, poultry & fish diseases
5. Sera and veterinary vaccines
6. Animal production mechanization
7. Food technology
8. Production systems and economics
9. International standards for animal welfare

The Conference will shed light on the applicable and practical recent researches in the field of improving animals and poultry
· Animal husbandry and farm management
· Production systems
· Veterinary care
· Reproductive care
· Epizootology of animal diseases
· Sera and veterinary Vaccines
· Animal nutrition
· Zoonotic diseases & human health
· Environmental hazards studies
· Animal genetics and breeding
· Animal housing
· Animal production mechanization
· Formulation of animal feeds
· Dairy products industry
· Meat industry and processing
· Animal Food hygiene
· Production economics
· Marketing economics
· Application of quality assurance
· Application of biosafty and biosecurity

Abstract and full paper submission must be through Massive Trade Fairs to :
E – Mail:
1) Papers for Animal & Juice conferences will be published in conference proceeding special issue Middle East and North Africa Journal of animal science (Vol. 6 No. 6 December 2013)

All accepted papers for three conference will be publish in CABI Association

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Susan A. Sattar
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