I autumn what weeks do you recommend for people to use their new to exercise got the first thing I would say is when you’re doing this in your brand exercise if you've never used weeks before you can start with your body weight on most it now on upper body day of course you need wait so maybe start with to use three days 45 I wouldn't really go any heavier than that the if you're brand new to it and then progressed from there you can always go out and get another heavier set a week but you don't want to start to heavy and hurt yourself and then you said yourself back when the guy and wet weather well as their guy I would name a guy you are a guy if you were going to you are after I would and the same thing me tens 12th start their see how it feels I mean I remember on day one a test group I had the guys from the guys we ‘restarting with 10 pounds and granny gets up around 10 round rounds but they were all the sign in using fifty-pound dumbbells to chest press when they started less than a year yeah 10 I was good that we went up I just started be a very low start lowland before you know.