Finding the Right Pet Boarding Option for Your Pet
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Finding the Right Pet Boarding Option for Your Pet
If you are a pet owner with a busy work or social schedule, you have probably considered dog or cat boarding. Pet boarding is a service offered by some veterinarian, and pet boarding kennels. These businesses allow owners to drop their dog(s) or cat(s) off for a set amount of time. Unlike pet sitters or pet hotels, pet boarding is usually less expensive and offers interaction with other boarders, medical attention, and many other accommodations. While boarding, pets are fed, walked, and cared for by a knowledgeable staff. A basic pet boarding service will offer regular feeding, a lot of exercise, and monitoring for emergent medical problems. However, it is important to make sure that your pet is well-cared for in such a facility as some of these facilities aren’t clean and may not offer an interactive experience for your pet. Other, more expensive pet boarding facilities offer camp-like environments where pets are able to interact with each other in an active setting. If you are leaving your pet for the first time in a pet boarding facility, it is important that you follow certain steps that are often enforced by the facilities. For instance, the facility will verify vaccines such as Rabies, DHHP, and Bordetella with the pet’s veterinarian. Some establishments may require further vaccination. Also, a flea-check will be performed once the pet comes in and if fleas are found, the dog or cat will be required to have a flea bath. It is also recommended to have a walk-through with your pet to make sure that he or she is happy in their new, temporary surroundings. Bringing familiar toys or blankets can help your pet adjust to the pet boarding facility faster. Some high-quality establishments may require a temperament test to ensure that your pet can get along with other boarders. Temperament testing is for the benefit of the facility as well as your pet. So where can a pet owner find a reliable pet boarding facility? There are several resources available for locating reliable pet boarding establishments in your area. We suggest visiting which is a free tool for pet owners to find local pet boarding, supplies, vets, etc. What separates from most other services is the ability for the pet owner to submit their own posts and to read reviews and suggestions from other pet owners. These posts can greatly assist you as you explore pet boarding facilities.
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