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We recognise that it can be difficult deciding on a new dentist for you and your family. Without the advice of a trusted friend who may know a local dentist in Perth, you may be faced with choosing a name, at random, from the telephone book or internet. Here are a few points for your consideration:

We are centrally located in the heart of Nedlands, Perth in theBroadway Fair Shopping Centre, and we are dedicated to helping you maintain your natural teeth for life.We are proud of our reputation and standing in the community. Our dental practice was built on our satisfied patients’ word-of-mouth referrals.With over 28 years of international dental experience, local Nedlands dentist Dr Clifford Yudelman is able to provide the latest high-tech, individual, personalised care for all members of your family. Our comprehensive dental services encompass general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental treatment.We decided decided to enter the world of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, with our latest Leica M320 Dental operating microscope. We now routinely do most of our restorative dentistry at a magnification of 16-25 times! This allows us to refine the edges of crowns and inlays more accurately, as well as treat cavities in the most conservative way. Dr Yudelman likens it to the latest keyhole surgery on gallbladders and knees, with minimal invasion and repair of the defect, allowing quicker recovery and less collateral damage. The microscope is connected to a 10 megapixel video camera and we can capture images of the conditions for complete record keeping. Dr Yudelman is so impressed by what can be seen with a microscope that was not visible before with 4x magnification loupes, he has decided to invest in another 2 microscopes which have just been installed. This does not surprise our regular patients as they have come to expect that Dr Yudelman will always have some new high-tech equipment or technique to enhance the comfort of their visit or the quality of the treatment received.Our patients have been very enthusiastic about the numbing "Wand" we started using in early 2011, as most of the time they don't even know they have had an injection. We are able to numb a single tooth on the lower and not have the awkward feeling of a numb tongue or lip. Isolite is an amazing invention. We were not sure at first if the patients would like this top rated "gadget" but it seems that quite a few patients have been falling asleep during treatment. The Isolite has a prop that helps keep the mouth open, it suctions and isolates the area that we are working on. It also has a built-in fibre-optic LED light that gives amazing visibility while keeping the cheek and tongue out of the way. It is a true win-win situation for the patient and the dentist!Our diagnostic laser DiagnoDent allows us to find cavities before they become a problem, so teeth can be restored or sealed with very conservative white fillings long before they show on x-ray, or are getting close to the nerve (root canal).When patients require x-rays we use extremely low dose, small comfortable digital imaging plates. These are scanned in the latest Digora Optime laser scanner where the high quality image is displayed in seconds. Instead of looking at a tiny film Dr Yudelman can enlarge the image to full screen to see even the smallest details and recommend preventive minimal invasive dentistry before small cavities become a big problem.

We offer:

dental cleanings

dental inlays

dental implant restoration

cosmetic dentistry fillings

dental bridges

dental sealants

dental crowns

cosmetic dentistry porcelain veneers

non-surgical gum treatment

and cosmetic dental tooth whitening.

Our state-of-the-art dental surgery in Broadway Fair Nedlands was established with our patients’ comfort and convenience in mind. So, if we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us on (08)6389 2711 for more information or to set up an initial dental examination appointment. When you call, if you are in pain with toothache, or have an urgent problem, we will endeavor to see you on the same day.

Kind Regards

Dr Clifford Yudelman and Staff

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