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Launched: Mar 10, 2013 • Funding ends: Apr 19, 2013 • 

"SO EXCITED for @BeyondtheBolex, doc on inventor of Bolex, dir. by his great granddaughter. Insane archival material!"


(...) “Beyond the Bolex” is a character-driven documentary about the inventor of the revolutionary Bolex camera, Jacques Bolsey. Bolsey, a Russian refugee living in neutral Switzerland during WWI, envisioned a future where everyone would have access to the tools necessary to make movies. In the 1920's, at the introduction of 16mm film, Bolsey invented the Bolex- a camera simple and flexible enough that anyone could use it. Little did Bolsey know that this invention would outlive him, and decades later his camera would be key to bringing about his dream of a future of accessible filmmaking."





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