FileMaker Pro and Adobe InDesign working together to create documents using Automator | FileMaker to InDesign |

Successful businesses, large and small, rely on databases to organize and store information vital to their operations.

And it is common practice to use this stored data to create reports, catalogs, and other documents used in marketing, sales, and management of products.

For businesses looking for speed, accuracy, and scalability in their operations, automation is the essential element of their success.


The following workflow is an example of how stored data is quickly and accurately poured into print-layout templates using Automator, FileMaker Pro, and Adobe InDesign.

Note that the principles demonstrated here remain functional regardless of the scale of the project or operation, or the applications used.


If you want to see an Applescript/Filemaker/inDesign demo in action look at

Via Didier Daglinckx