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Today discover how you can get a Fresh Start Today with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Save Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars in Attorney Fees.
There are those who have come to the decision that the debt they currently have is overwhelming.  The burden of the bills and not being able to get current or pay them can cause stress.  The constant calls from the bill collectors, and notices arriving in the mail can be unsettling.  To get debt relief many consumers turn to filing bankruptcy. 
You can file bankruptcy Chapter 7 without an attorney.  Many today are filing bankruptcy without the aid of an attorney and saving greatly. 
In fact, in most cases the Bankruptcy Chapter 7 process consists of completing the Official Bankruptcy Forms, filing them with the bankruptcy court and attending a brief meeting with a bankruptcy trustee. No attorney or court hearing is required in many cases.
Many do so with the aid of a Petition Preparer.  The preparer gets the information from the consumer and inserts the info into an online software that has all the Official Bankruptcy Petition forms. 
Abbey Chapter 7Solutions is a Debt Relief Agency handling the preparing of Bankruptcy Petitions for individuals and also attorneys.  If you are wanting to save on the attorney fees of filing a Bankruptcy Chapter 7, but want the assurance that it is done properly; I suggest giving Abbey Chapter 7 Solutions a call at 855-854-8547.  They charge $199 to prepare your petition.  I believe you will be pleasantly surprised that this can be done by an agency who will handle the preparation of your bankruptcy petition forms affordably, and also with professionalism.
Their petition preparers were trained by a well informed bankruptcy trainer who himself was employed for years by bankruptcy attorneys and bankruptcy trustees.  He is well informed of all the rules, and guidelines of Bankruptcy Chapter 7.
To learn more information about filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 without a lawyer, get direct access to the official site. or call them Toll Free at 855-854-8547
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