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Feminomics - gender balanced leadership
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Women On Boards: Moving From 'Why' To 'How' - Forbes

Women On Boards: Moving From 'Why' To 'How' - Forbes | Feminomics - gender balanced leadership | Scoop.it
Imagine the progress we would start to make to enhance competitiveness and financial performance if Fortune 500 and other corporate boards made a commitment to adding just one female director in the next year.
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French government backs gender quota legislation A vous, Messieurs les Anglais!

French government backs gender quota legislation A vous, Messieurs les Anglais! | Feminomics - gender balanced leadership | Scoop.it

The French government has become the first major EU member state to support European Commission proposals that will force listed firms to give 40% of their board positions to women.

According to a report in the Financial Times, French ministers have sent a two-page letter to the European Commission urging it to press ahead with the draft proposal.

Signed by French finance minister Pierre Moscovici and women’s rights minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the letter said: “The French authorities … resolutely support the logic of this draft directive.”

According to the FT, the letter continued: “It is important for the European Commission to present such a project quickly to the Council and the European Parliament, the latter having expressed itself, on several occasions in favour of a community initiative in this direction, including introducing quotas.”

Led by prime minister David Cameron and Business Secretary Vince Cable, the British government has been orchestrating a group of 9 EU countries who are against the draft proposal, which also plans to threaten firms with sanctions if they don’t comply.

The British government favours voluntary targets for businesses to improve gender balance, and is currently aiming for 25% female representation on FTSE boards by 2015.

In contrast the French government legislated with cross-party support in 2011, and large and listed firms in the country must give 20% of board roles to women by 2014 and 40% by 2017, bringing them into line with regulations adopted by Norway.

The EC draft proposal is being championed by Justice Minister Viviane Reding (pictured above), who recently said of The British government’s opposition: “Fortunately, European laws on such matters are not taken in meetings by 10 men in dark suits behind closed doors, but in an open, democratic process in which the democratically elected European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers have an equal say.”

The draft proposal is currently expected to be published in October or November

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Karli And Brooke's curator insight, February 11, 2015 9:07 PM

Europe Social- In the EU, the French government was the first to support board positions for the women.  Because of this, other countries of Europe are now supporting this and trying to have 25% of the women be in board positions.  France is taking the lead with 40% of their women with board positions.  This shows the social class of Europe because these are what the women are involved in.