Female Ejaculation
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6 Steps For a Female Clitoral Orgasm - 101-winner

6 Steps For a Female Clitoral Orgasm - 101-winner | Female Ejaculation | Scoop.it

Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasm. What are the differences?



Despite the fact, women can do multiple orgasm but actually this felt like what a real woman, whether vaginal or clitoral orgasm?



Orgasm first discovered by Sigmund Freud. Sigmund split into two types, namely vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Orgasm happens through stimulation of the clitoris is the climax predecessor, more in the moment before orgasm penetration occurred again.



Vaginal orgasm is produced by stimulation of the vagina. Some experts call it a sexology G-Spot orgasm. Orgasm can be achieved not just rely on vaginal stimulation alone, because the fact is most of the penis can not touch the G-Spot.



Some sex positions that allow deep penetration can be done to achieve the vaginal orgasm. Stimulating the G-spot by hand could be an option.
Meanwhile, clitoral orgasm is achieved through clitoral stimulation to the organs. This organ is located on the top end female genital lips and slightly closed. The clitoris as well as the penis in men, has a lot of nerve making it very sensitive when being touched.

When the clitoris is stimulated, delicate nerves in the small organ blood flow and make it a little bigger. Then comes a sense of pleasure when the clitoral stimulation is felt.

The pleasure spread from head to bottom through the thigh to the foot. Nipples harden instantly, the skin becomes warm. And when marking the arrival of orgasm, vaginal muscle contractions felt stronger and spread to the outer genital area.




Clitoral orgasm can be achieved through stimulation in three ways, namely oral, hand (masturbation), or sexual intercourse. Stimulate the clitoris is more effectively done by hand compared oral and sexual intercourse. Strengthened through a survey, that 84 percent of women who masturbate orgasm claimed that comes from stimulation in the clitoris.

Meanwhile, the woman on top position during intercourse is believed to facilitate the emergence of clitoral orgasm. Women can arrange themselves how quickly receive clitoral stimulation, to immediately get the sensation of orgasm.

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Sexual Positions That Make Her Orgasm · squirting101 · Storify

About the affairs of men having sex may be more aggressive than women. This is because men do not want to be perceived as a weak stud by their partners. Men are also not shy to try directing various sexual positions to her partner. But the problem is, women often do not feel the satisfaction that led to the difficulty to achieve orgasm.

If it is that you feel for this, try to take over in the bed when it comes time to make love. Here are a few sexual positions that you can try. Sex positions that really interesting, which guarantees the occurrence of multiple orgasms and can spice up your sex life. Like what?

Check out his review below is quoted from this storify page:


1. The cross

Pillowed on both hands, one woman had to lengthen their feet, and one leg lifted up again. Men sat on one leg straight, and bend the legs of a woman who lifted up.

2. The Hero

To be in this position, the woman should lie on her back pull his knees up to his chest, legs stretched toward the ceiling. The man should kneel down behind her thighs.

3. Doggy style

Doggy style will make women feel satisfied, and able to fully enjoy it. Doggy style is very suitable for women whose legs are not weak.


4. The fan

Women bending, kneeling and leaning on the edge of a chair or bench, then crossed her arms in the back seat to carry the body.

Sex position one is able to control the full, and both were enjoying anal penetration.


5. Crossed Keys

Crossed Keys in position, the woman can sleep with the position of the man he was in the back near the edge of the bed, with his feet straight up and crossed. Men can stand in front of him and using his hands to cross and crosses his legs.



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How To Reach An Orgasm During Sex · squirting101 · Storify

Every woman has a different reaction when reaching orgasm, and there are no indicators or clues how to know for sure whether we've reached an orgasm or not. To deepen even further, here are some clues to recognize body language when it reaches the peak:



1. Bodies will feel more tense when an orgasm occurs.

Maybe the time to talk, we can only be silent. Irregular breathing and movement increasingly wild, is the first sign towards orgasm. At that time, the vagina will began to expand and contract. Although it can not be felt, usually in the vaginal lubricant will increase.

2. Currently began orgasm, the vagina will experience a smaller contraction.


When the orgasm beginning, you may feel like experiencing the intense feeling. Without your conscious will and bellowing voice, and make irregular movements. But there is also a silent during orgasm, do not make the movement at all.

3. Lot of contention, hard nipples is a sign of female orgasm.
But the assumption is wrong, because it is a sign of a woman reacts to stimuli or the body's reaction to the surrounding atmosphere especially the room.

4. Several women, ejaculation will remove fluid from the urinary tract that opens in response to the occurrence of orgasm. But there could also occur in some women. Ejaculatory fluid that comes out of the urinary tract, not urine. Nor because of vaginal discharge is not slippery. This discharge, a sign you've had an orgasm.



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How To Give a Woman Orgasm · squirting101 · Storify

I would say pay attention to your girl first and start building up with an intimate foreplay. That's the key.



Never rush anything.



After that you may want to continue stimulating using your finger on her vagina, or G Spot and next it depends on her reaction to it.


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Foreplay Ideas Before Sex · squirting101 · Storify

For women, foreplay can determine their success in achieving orgasm. But not a few women who complain their partners prefer to eat directly 'main course' during sex, without foreplay first.


If you had to choose, men are likely to have sex immediately without the need to do foreplay. Quoted from Your Tango, most men just want to orgasm and want to go straight to 'target'. What are their reasons?


1. Assume Foreplay Less Masculine
"Men who are young tend to think that things like hugs, kisses and touches, as many have done during foreplay reflect the nature of feminism," says sex expert Dr. Brian Parker.

Most men just want to do things that make him feel manly in front of women. Foreplay activities considered 'girly' and only intended for women.

2. Less Understanding Female Body
Honestly, a lot of men who do not really know where the location of the zones on the female sex.



Therefore, women should be informed and asked for the male partner, the part where you want to be stimulated during foreplay. Similarly, man, do not be shy to tell women what you want to feel. If you can not say it, show me directly what's in your brain.



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Sex Stimulation: Fingering a Girl Story · squirting101

My 5 Sex Tips for Guys who are trying to finger a woman:


Gently touch the clitoris
Mostly, the common mistakes that are often made when a man stimulate female clitoris with his fingers is a tendency to imitate the penis stimulation. When the fingers touch the clitoris, some rough touch can interfere with enjoyment.



First of all, exploration genital, find the clitoris, labia, and vaginal entrance. Do not rush to provide clitoral stimulation, but give it time to stir up passion. In addition, rubbed it in the wrong area can be very bothering and make clitoral stimulation was not effective.



Furthermore, switch move your fingers up to the inner part of the thigh near the vagina, play-play existing hair in that area, and gently touch the labia to start enhancing enjoyment. Continue to explore the sensitive parts until she signaled a desire by more and more wide open her legs or thighs stressed.

G-spot exploration
G-spot stimulation can carry on a great sensation and she will be very happy if you use your fingers to stimulate the parts (spots) are hidden. Use your fingers to make wild movements and insert into the vagina. You will feel a rough area that is different from the surface area of the vagina, and your female partner will signal that you have found the right spot. Start gently, then slowly move your fingers in it. You will feel some sort of pressure is usually done by the G-spot when it receives such stimuli. The more passionate you are a woman, the more intense stimulus was needed.

Keep the rhythm that touches
Very often, if a woman already feel good with the stimulation he wants it done with a fixed rhythm and intensity, while men tend to increase speed. Certainly better to ask your partner what she likes, and then continue the steps that you did it to your spouse asking for faster or harder.

Do not be monotonous
However, do not focus only on her clitoris. Sometimes he needs your fingers inserted into the vagina, and then back again to the clitoris. You have to be sensitive to small cues given by him. If you are sticking your fingers into the vagina from the beginning, then it is not right. If he was not really excited, then explore your fingers nearly worthless. We recommend using your fingers to play around, touching the outside and the inside as needed only.




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Female Most Sensitive Body Parts · squirting101 · Storify

Sex should be a whole-body experience and the woman would appreciate this more than men. Men want to direct, but it could be flat after a while if not used some imagination.


This is my favorite parts of a woman body:


Foreplay means knowing how to touch the female erogenous zones. The zone is a place that stimulates him during heating, and if you want to be important to him in bed, then continue reading.

The female erogenous zones more on a combination of several areas that you normally ignore but are points of strong stimuli that you should use.

Also remember, every woman is different and like or dislike about the different areas are touched, so you need to know your woman to find out what he's really like.


While breast will look like a clear spot stimulation, many men do the wrong thing and touching too rough.



Gentle is the correct word here and not use the entire hand, use your index finger to massage the nipples but do not overdo it.

Do this with a short sweep before moving to another area. It is about teasing him and giving him just enough stimulation to make him want more.



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How To Find The G Spot · squirting101 · Storify

This is the holy grail of female orgasm. One you are able to find her g spot you will be able to stimulate any woman and giver her the most pleasurable orgasm ever. Read that post here: https://storify.com/squirting101/how-to-find-the-g-spot Note: Start the build up slowly.
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