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Scooped by Claudia DeSalvo!

Examples of Constructive Feedback in the Workplace

Examples of Constructive Feedback in the Workplace | Feedback Mechanism |
Giving feedback in the workplace can be a touchy situation, sometimes exacerbated by insensitive supervisors and unreceptive employees. For maximum effectiveness, feedback should be constructive ...
Claudia DeSalvo's insight:

How do you feel about getting feedback? Scared? Maybe a little upset? Following the tips on constructive feedback in this article can prevent all those bad feelings that come from a regular feedback session.


The line between being constructive and criticizing things is very thin. The supervisor should act as a coach using more questions than bluntly pointing out issues and leaving it at that. According to the article, "A coaching approach can also help foster an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, leading to a healthy and productive relationship."


After the employee knows about the problem, the focus should be turned onto how to fix it and alter their approach to the work that will lead to the desired result.


"Seeking permission from the employee before offering feedback can "soften the blow" and help prepare the recipient by making her aware that the supervisor is about to offer some constructive advice."

I believe that asking before giving feedback would be a lot better for both the supervisor and the employee, as they would both be ready and hurt feelings would be easier to avoid.


The supervisor is not the only one who needs to strive for a successful feedback session. The employee must keep an open mind and be sure that they understand the next actions they must take. Without the mutual effort, things may not go as well as the may have.

AlGonzalezinfo's curator insight, August 6, 2013 6:03 PM

 Excellent scoop Claudia.  The reason I am adding the image above to this scoop is that feedback is very, very tricky.  While we may have the best intentions, the effort can back fire and set a relationship back. 


This article is very helpful and I especially like the coaching and asking for permission concepts. We need to study articles like these and prepare carefully in order to increase our chances of delivering feedback that serves.


~  Thank you for your wonderful insight!

Scooped by Claudia DeSalvo!


Claudia DeSalvo's insight:

This pdf has amazing tips on how to accept negative feedback. It directs you to try and stay calm, take deep breaths, etc. I believe it would be helpful in any workplace scenario.

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