-  ICO Services is specialized in the formation of Offshore companies and Offshore banking. ICO Services provide you with the full support required at each stage of creating an Offshore entity.

An offshore company is an enterprise which only carries out economic activities outside the country in which it is registered. So, an offshore company can be any enterprise which doesn’t operate “at home”. At the
same time, according to public opinion, an offshore company is any enterprise which enjoys tax-free or low-tax status in the country of registration.

The banks, for which ICO Services is an official agent or representative, offer a full range of offshore online banking services, all of them with secure internet banking and debit or credit cards which will allow you to have quick and easy access to your funds from almost anywhere in the world.

We regularly review the best offshore banking opportunities for business or investment purposes in the market place and recommend those which we believe to be best suited to meet your identified needs.

All offshore accounts can be opened by distance and it is not necessary to pay a personal visit to the location.