Apps Developed to Maintain Chin Dialects - Myanmar News Linking Site | FCHS AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY |

◈ “Chin communities and individuals have made attempts to protect and improve their dialects by developing new mobile and online application software.

The Chinland Development Co., Ltd (CDC), based in Rangoon, Burma late last month launched a new app of an English-Chin-Myanmar dictionary for handheld devices such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad.”

◈ “Another new software program called ‘Zolaisinna’ meaning learning the Zomi or Chin language, according to the Myanmar Times, was launched in Rangoon last month.

Software developer Tg Chin Suan Kap, 24, was quoted as saying that he was motivated to develop the application to protect their literature from disappearing.

“This is a chance to learn the Chin language without a teacher. Parents don’t have time to teach their children their own language … This is one way I can help in the development of my people,” said Tg Chin Suan Kap, originally from Tonzang Township of Chin State.”