Healthy Living, High School Project 2013
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Healthy Living, High School Project 2013
Research for a High School healthy living project.
Curated by Anna Asp
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Can We Get By On 4 hours' Sleep?

Can We Get By On 4 hours' Sleep? | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |

Margaret Thatcher is famously said to have slept for only four hours a night. How easy is it to do a high-powered job on this amount of sleep?

Part of Margaret Thatcher's fearsome reputation came from how little she slept. She could get by on four hours a night, it has often been said.

Indefatigability became part of her mystique. She would keep her officials up working on a speech until two or three in the morning and then be up by five in time to listen to Farming Today.

"She slept four hours a night on weekdays," says Sir Bernard Ingham, her Downing Street press secretary. "I wasn't with her at weekends. I guess she got a bit more then."

Via The Learning Factor
Anna Asp's insight:

As a procrastinating student, who often does everything in the very last minute, learning about sleep is important. This article talks about Margaret Thatcher, and how she seemingly got by on just 4 hours of sleep during weekdays. Churchill survived on 4 hours a night during the war, but he did take afternoon naps (much like myself.) In the world of business, sleep-less nights seem to be a token of success. To admit needing sleep is a sign of weakness. A professor at Loughborough University claims that there is no correct amount of sleep, as long as you feel refreshed in the morning. 

The Learning Factor's comment, April 11, 2013 5:53 PM
So glad that you have recognised the importance of a good sleep. It is not only the duration of hours that is important - it is also the quality of sleep. Nowadays there are some apps that can begin the process of investigation into your sleep quality however if you are looking for a technology that is medically/research-based take a look at Body Media. A great piece of equipment that analyses exercise, sleep etc. Good luck with your study!
Eunice Chu's curator insight, April 12, 2013 12:25 PM
Something not to do!
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Health: How Muscles & Fats burn Calories & keep Fit? | All Infographics

Health: How Muscles & Fats burn Calories & keep Fit? | All Infographics | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |
Infographic on Muscles and fats burning calories to keep body and health fit to have fitness body and not eating junk food and soda outside to keep body strong

Via Christino Martin
Anna Asp's insight:

Instead of reading recipes, I decided to learn a little more about what fat an calories actually are. This article covers that, and it also includes general statistics on how much it takes to burn a certain amount of calories in order to lose weight. One pound of fat is approximately 3,500 calories. Sadly, it is not hard to consume that amount - and it is pretty hard to lose. So the trick, the tip, the secret is simply to eat fewer calories if you want to llose weight! Are you surprised?
   The article repeats what we already know; eat healthy foods with fewer calories since it fills you up longer and is better for you. 1 lbs of muscle burns more than 3 times as many calories as fat, which is wy building muscles are a great way of losing fat. 

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How What You Eat Directly Affects How You Think

How What You Eat Directly Affects How You Think | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |
We might be striving for physical perfection when we put healthy meals on our plates, but it's possible we've been focusing on the wrong organs all along.

Via Cathryn Wellner
Anna Asp's insight:

This article talks about how healthy eating can have positive effects on your mind and body, as well as giving a few recipe suggestions for healthy meals. A sweet breakfast burrito made with fruits, berries and beans; a curried lentil and wheatberry sallad with mango (doesn't that sound really interesting and tasty?), that shrimp on lemongrass skewers, a roasted squash soup with roasted pupmkin seeds and a winter fruit compote are the recipes provided in this article. The recipes are realy detailed - they give you the preparing time, the cooking time and a nutritional analysis, including calorie count, in adition to the ingretient list and the what-to-do section. These recipes sound delicious, but most required a lot of time, so they are more fitted for sunday morning breakfasts, when you have all the time in the world to make it and to enjoy it, rather then the hasty weekday mornings, when your main goal is to get out of the door in time.

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5 healthy breakfast choices

5 healthy breakfast choices | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |
Kick-starting your morning with a healthy breakfast is imperative -- it is, after all, the most important meal of the day. Does breakfast in less than 10 minutes sound familiar?  (Looking for healthy #Breakfast ideas?

Via EA
Anna Asp's insight:

Breakfast is important. We all know that. But I'm often late - I like to sleep in and stay in bed until the very last minute. One of my challenges with this project has therefore been to eat breakfast every single day. It's important to start your metabolism and to get you going, it's important to give you energy to fuction during the day and to avoid snacking. I know all this, but man, it is still hard. That's why articles like this one is good for me.
    The article talks about different kinds of breakfasts depending on what your fitness goal is; whether you want to build muscle (egg-white omelett with shredded chicken), if you're going to run a marathon (oatmeal), if you're eating for a triathalon (sweet-potato pancakes), and the recovery breakfast (after you have finished your marathon, triathalon, or whatever fitness challenge you decided to tackle). It is an interesting read, and it gave me aa few ideas for breakfasts to try!

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Little Tips For Practicing Mindfulness On Busy Days

Little Tips For Practicing Mindfulness On Busy Days | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |
Mindfulness and meditation allow full-body, full-mind and full-spirit experiences. An hour a day or a minute a day -- it and you can improve the world, one connected thought at a time.

Via American Institute Health Care Professionals
Anna Asp's insight:

One part of my project is to reduce the stress in my life and to find peace for at least a few minutes every day. This article gives a few tips to help me with that goal.
   One tip is to stop about 3 times per day, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just for a couple of seconds. Here, you can pay attention to your body; see if you are tense, stressed or really in the moment. Another thing you can do is pay attention to wht you thoughts are right as you wake up. This is for you to look for consistencies, and change the patterns that are negative. If there is a certain part of yourself that you do not like, give that part extra attention at some time of the day - look at it in the mirror, be aware of it, and notice it. You may aso notice a change for the better, if you pay attention to it! And a final tip is to take your favorite time of the day and look around you or out a window and try to notice 10 new things in your surroundings. This will help you appreciate the little things, both in your surroundings and in your own capability to spot them. 


Do these things, just for a few minutes each day, and try to find peace. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

American Institute Health Care Professionals's curator insight, April 10, 2013 1:14 PM

Looking for good ways to fit in your mindfulness meditation?   One thing we should never be too busy for should be our daily meditation.   Use these tips for fitting in meditation on a busy schedule.   For more meditation advice please feel free to visit our site.

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90 Healthy No-Heat Lunches for Taking to School or Work

90 Healthy No-Heat Lunches for Taking to School or Work | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |

When you don't have a place to heat food at the workplace, healthy lunches are a lot more challenging. Here are ideas for healthy brown bag lunches that don't need to be heated for a healthy tasty lunch. 

Via Andrea Zeitz
Anna Asp's insight:

Another article with recipes of healthy meals. This time, it is focused on lunches that are easy to bring to school or work - prefect for me! There are several salads with tomatoes - the easy cottege cheese salad with Za'atar sounds interesting, as well as the tomato, olive and fresh mozarella sallad with basil vinaigrette - and different pitas and wraps. Seven layer tostadas and the spicy shredded chicken lettuce wraps with avocado salsa sounds delicious, doesn't it? Then there are sallads with grain or quinoa, salads with chicken (like the one with lime, avocado and cilantro - yum!), and pasta salads (man, I am getting hungry just reading these.) Other recipes included shrimp and hummus (but it is not really politically correct to eat giant shrimps because of the extremely bad impact they have on the environment,) roasted asparagus wrapped in ham and slow roasted tomato hummus. This article is one that I am definately coming back to!

Baily Brindle's curator insight, April 10, 2013 10:35 PM

Okay, so school luch is not the best food in the world. In fact, it may register as some of the worst. I have had to stand at the salad bar of countless minutes to "possibly" recieve a salad, and I often do not feel very full afterward. So, it makes a good deal of sense that I would be attracketed to idea of bringing a healthy AND filling lunch. I love the selection that this list offers.

Jen Laity's curator insight, July 10, 2013 9:54 PM

Great ideas for cold lunch days!

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23 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Reduce Stress Right Now

23 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Reduce Stress Right Now | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |
By Kate Morin Whether it's related to an issue at work, a fight with a friend, or problems with family, everyone feels stressed sometimes.

Via billcoffin, Rachel
Anna Asp's insight:

There is a lot going on in school right now, and as the school year progresses, my motivation for actually doing anything declines. This causes a lot of stress for me, so I read this article to get a few tips on what to do to calm mysel down. 
   The best tips from this article (in my opinion) were; aromatherapy (definately going to try that), progressive relaxation (tensing, then realeasing, every muscle group in the body), drink tea, excercise, getting a massage, taking  nap, hugging it out and taking a walk. A few of these are things I already do - but sometimes they make me more stressed because they take time away from what I should be doing. But I will give it more time, and I will try to relax while doing these things. After all, that's the point of them! 

Rachel's curator insight, March 26, 2013 2:56 PM

add your insight...

My Thoughts:

For the article posted by Kate Morin, I took a lot away. She begins by saying stress is everywhere; whether in family, friends, fights, etc. 54% of Americans are concerned with the level of stress in their daily lives. I found that statistic very sad but believable. There is so much in life to obsess over and be worried about! However, Kate Morin provides many ways and techniques to reduce stress every day, all of which were very interesting. I will definitely be taking some of her suggestions and trying them because they seem logical. For example, doing an art project was one of her ideas; this to me would be very fun and beneficial. The project would completely distract my mind from whatever caused my stress and would focus on having fun painting, or creating something different! Another example that I want to try is chewing gum, I would have never thought that chewing gum would reduce stress so I am very excited to test it out! Studies show that chewing gum reduces cortisol levels which alleviate stress. I liked this article very much and thought it was very helpful!     

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14 Power Foods for Fat Burning and Lean Muscle ... - Truth N Health

14 Power Foods for Fat Burning and Lean Muscle ... - Truth N Health | Healthy Living, High School Project 2013 |
TruthNHealth provides honest and wholesome health articles under the Holistic Pillars of Health, targeting health, fitness, nutrition, and meditation for the body.
Anna Asp's insight:

This article starts of with telling you a few items that you shouldn't eat (processed or artificial sugars, cereals or packaged snacks,) and I'm happy to say that I have already cut those things out of my food plan. Then it goes through what you should be eating, like fish oil, extra virgin olive oil (it says not to cook with it though, to use coconut oil instead, which I will think about in the future), seeds, green vegetables, quinoa, lots of water and organic matcha green tea (from Japan), lecithin supplement (I will look for this in the stores), grapefruit, sprouted almonds and tarragon. The reading was very interesting; it opened my eyes to some new vegettables and supplements to try, and it gave informatio of why they were good. It was a good article, interesting and appropriate for my project!

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