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Now you to move on to cool down we got ten different stress is a go through me holding each one of these for 15 seconds are as good start of their cool down restarting standing King right leg over to the left for that hamstring stretch stress down try to get those fingertips as closely as you can breathing normally keep those lines open and sides couldn't turn it around absolutely goes over so less lazy girl top that right stress it down towards those toes again you as long as open and let a relaxed on standby got to inside I searched Nexus fi go nice and wide apart about twice a three-time shoulder width apart extend that right leg out keep right leg straight lean towards that right legs.

You feel a stretch and inside tire that right leg and try to drop that right hip to get a little bit more that stretch ire switched sides so Ben that right knee strain that left leg leaning towards that left leg dropping at left hip said before should be feeling a stretch the insider that left side and Grandma X come back to the center keeper both those legs are nice and wide stretched down to the middle trying to get as close to the ground to prosecute.

Those elbows rounding at lower back as well as stretching for those hamstrings make sure you keep those legs nice and straight last man standing lysistrata into a quadriceps stretch neck so keep that right foot back in that right hand lean up against the wall for balance the need to squeeze midfield your butt porn and me back behind you can a good stretch.