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Prague, Feb 16 (CTK) - The Czech market is paradise for fast-food chains, mainly from the United States, and another eight of them are planning to open their first restaurants there, the daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes ...


Assignment A

1. The basic subject of this article is how popular different fast food restaurants are in the Czech Republic (different countries).

2. Some of the main points that the author gives are that there are up to 50 new restaurants in the Czech Republic; the C.R. (Czech Republic) is "paradise for fast-food chains"; the fast-food chains in the United States are considering a further expansion in the C.R.; "the Czech market is more accessible than markets in the West European countries where competition is stronger and American fast-food chains are not always viewed positively..."

3. The writer doesn't necessarily have an opinion, but you can somewhat tell that the author thinks that this topic is interesting to them because they don't seem like they are just giving fact-after-fact, although they are if you read it straight-forward. I guess you could say you have to read "inbetween the lines" to figure out that they find this topic interesting.

4. No, the writer does not state their opinion directly although, if you read it as you would a normal book, then you can kind of tell that they enjoy the topic that they are writing on.

5. (SKIP)

6. When you read this article, you do "zone out" because it's interesting and well-written. But you don't learn much about the columnist other than the fact that you can sort of tell that they enjoyed writing on this topic.

7. This article was written for a reader that wanted the information fast and wasn't looking for anything "entertaining" to read.

8. The writer isn't really trying to get you to agree or disagree with them. It's more of a logical appeal.


Assignment B

Like I mentioned in number eight in "Assignment A" above, this article is more of a logical appeal (logos), because the author isn't trying to tell a story or make it interesting. They are just simply stating the facts and getting the point across the table.

"McDonald's plans to open three to five new restaurants a year, renovate the exiting ones and introduce cafes in them. Starbucks is to open its first cafe outside Prague, in Ostrava, north Moravia."

For example, the selection from the article above is two stated facts that don't have any descrpitive language and are just there to inform you.