Fashion products online sale at cheap price
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Fashion products online sale at cheap price
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Christian Louboutin Spring 2012 Shoes

Christian Louboutin Spring 2012 Shoes | Fashion products online sale at cheap price |

Christian Louboutin Spring 2012 Shoes...

In the world of fame and fortune Christian Louboutin is truly a specific design godfather. individuals that are familiarized with his style fantasy understand that these components are loaded with character as well as a supernatural aura. The knowing of rocking some from the Spring Christian Louboutin 2012 shoes will grant you with an instant do it yourself confidence boost.


Think big when it comes to adding sophisticated and voguish details to your outfits. Are you a diva in training? Feast your eyes on the most impressive and upscale pumps and booties and let yourself be overwhelmed by the summerish color palette as well as by the alluring vibe of these fashionista wardrobe staples.

It's undoubtedly difficult to not turn into addicted to these professionally sculpted and artsy shoes models. The exceptional substance choice along using the hottest prints protected the glam effect of those style items. Christian Louboutin Boots managed to retain the style pack on its toes all through a sequence of seasons. for that upcoming warm time period he proposed to enhance the identification of vibrant colored stilettos.


Cute wedges and grown-up glam sandals. Explore the mesmerizing visual effect beads can make when applied on the refined fabrics. The highly acclaimed accessory designer is ready to embrace a multitude of design techniques.

Pull off a 'dressed to kill' outfit and top your transformation with these uptown Christian Louboutin Lady Gres Beige This is your chance to steal the heart of all style critics with a versatile and in vogue look. g beads, studs and glitter are his secret weapons to introduce a cutting-edge and rock diva flair into the spring collection. Those who are fond of luxe accessories will be thrilled to sport the newest Christian Louboutin fashion creations. Flaunt your trend-awareness with dashing ensembles.

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Top 10 most expensive high heels in the world

Top 10 most expensive high heels in the world | Fashion products online sale at cheap price |

Top 10 most expensive high heels in the world...

In fact, everyone likes famous brand shoes. Among them, a pair of second-hand Roger Vivier shoes (1962, designed for Iran Queen Su Ruiya ) has reach to 19,750 thousand euro which break record high price throught a successful auction ;later MSN gives the heels of the most expensive in the world. Although Su Ruiya compared to Queen's jewelry in sterling silver with shoes, these heels are cheap; but can be bought on the Internet and with eye-catching price labels. If you are a rich shoe friends, please browse to the following ranking.

1.Christian Louboutin

There is no doubt that the top 1 is Renato Cristi-Lu Butuo heels. Although, it looked far from Pluto's design as other high heel glamorous; but the crocodile grain high heels' value is as high as $ 4,645 .


Gucci knit boots are hand-made leather goods, tend to be ignored by super winter fashion fans. The series leather high heel shoes worth US $ 3,750, which can give you a different feeling.

3.Gianmarco Lorenzi

There is no doubt that Gianmarco Lorenzi satin high heels series is extremely vintage and luxury, but good for dinner party. Spending $ 3,348, you will want to wear the shoes to get a windfall every night.

4.Tabitha Simmons

If you love shoes, so you should spend $ 2,190 to purchase this bundled under the crystal chandeliers-high heels, it will make you brilliant and fascinating.


The chic suede of embossing pattern boots will give people a feeling of "cowboy to disco" , if you like it ,just spend 2,725 dollars for it right then.

6.Christian Louboutin Pumps

As a pair of red sole shoes will never meet your satisfy , the Fireworks theme of Maralena heels values $ 2,445, the Christian Louboutin jewelry docorated on it will bring you the ubiquity of charm.


The Gucci "Sophia" Crystal frosting thick heels only sells for US $ 2,295, but it can bring you a dazzling light and bright colors of the Gucci

8.Rick Owens

9.Jimmy Choo

The set decorated with peacock feathers and suede heels sells for $ 1995, it can let you show the infinite charm and elegent.

10.Giuseppe Zanotti

The Giuseppe Zanotti black high heel short boot consist of satin and Crystals, priced at $ 1835.


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Famous Christian Louboutin La Favorita 140mm shoes

Famous Christian Louboutin La Favorita 140mm shoes | Fashion products online sale at cheap price |

Christian Louboutin La Favorita 140mm..., the most fashion shoes will comfly your desire at a resonable price and good quity

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The most sexy shoes on the world

The most sexy shoes on the world | Fashion products online sale at cheap price |

The most sexy shoes on the world...

Like silky lingerie, sexy shoes have a way of making the wearer feel sexy, and feeling sexy is half of the battle.

While many women's shoe brands include sexy styles within their lines, there are a few labels that do it so well and so often, that the brand itself becomes synonymous with "sex appeal." A few of them are listed below.

When you're done checking out this list, be sure to share your own thoughts on who makes the Sexiest Shoes.
Guess Shoes - Sexy Shoes That are Easy to Wear
A little less flashy than some of the other labels on this list, Guess shoes are easy to coordinate with every day attire, while still offering loads of sex appeal. With styles ranging from cute and trendy, to contemporary and chic, every woman can feel sexy in a pair of Guess shoes.

Jessica Simpson Shoes - Everyday Sexy Shoes
Jessica Simpson's line of shoes includes plenty of flats and casual styles, but the brand made this list for its high heeled dress shoes -- which often combine extra doses of sex appeal with the mainstream appeal of classic styles. Jessica Simpson platform shoes, sexy pumps, and sultry sandals are easy to find, easy to wear, and easier to afford than many other brands.

L.A.M.B. Shoes - Sexy Shoes from Gwen Stefani's Label
Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. label consistently releases some of the sexiest shoes each season, but I have to say, I'm most impressed with some of the current styles. Like most of the brands/labels on this list, L.A.M.B. is heavy in high heels, but there's also a lot of innovation in the designs that make these shoes more than just another pair of high heels.

Nina Shoes - Sexy Shoes with Elegance
Nina offers a range of shoes from flats to heels, all of which are usually stunning. But they especially shines in the evening shoes department. Combining sexiness with elegance, their styles are never too overdone, but their sure to turn heads -- and, nearly all of their shoes come in at less than $100 (US).

Christian Louboutin Shoes - Sexy Designer Shoes
There's not a brand or designer I can mention that is more synonymous with "sexy shoes" than Christian Louboutin 2012. Though not all of this designer's shoes are sky high heels, he definitely seems to have a penchant for them -- as do his fans. Of course, they're not cheap, but if your budget allows for this sort of luxury, you'd be hard-pressed to find sexier shoes.

Steve Madden - Sex Appeal Galore
If you love sexy shoes, you're sure to find something you'll love at -- and, with multiple lines bearing his name, sexy shoes can be found for nearly any budget. While this brand does feature a lot of sexy styles, there is also a decent number of career shoes and flats to peruse.

Baby Phat - Street Chic Sexy Shoes
While the BabyPhat line of shoes also includes trendy sneakers and flats, it's the high heels that landed Baby Phat on this particular list. Headed by model turned mogul Kimora Lee Simmons, this company knows how to combine urban styling with runway flair. (Image courtesy of

Betsey Johnson - Cute Glam Goes Sexy
Combining cuteness, uniqueness and sex appeal isn't an easy feat, but at the hands of the adventurous Betsey Johnson, it seems effortless. Fashioned in extremely seductive styles, Betsey Johnson shoes offer details ranging from whimsical to sultry, making them a perfect fit for women who like their sexy footwear to be served up with little bit of funk.

Pleaser USA - Club & Boudoir Sexy Shoes
Think lucite heels, patent leather sandals, pin-up pumps and 6 inch platforms - in a nutshell, that's Pleaser USA. If your needs or tastes tend toward the racy side, you'll love this label. Lots of pinks, reds, whites and silvers turn the heat up even higher on their already sexy shoes and boots.


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Can I Learn to Love Herve Leger?

Can I Learn to Love  Herve Leger? | Fashion products online sale at cheap price |

A dear friend of mine is working on a potential project for Rent The Runway and enlisted me to try out the site. This friend is a guy, thus the need for a guinea pig.
Rent the Runway is a site where you can rent a dress and everything you need for a fancy occasion, and return it all when you are done. Think of it as Netflix for frocks. Since a) I rarely go to functions that require something not found in my closet(s) and b) the best part of going to said function is shopping for something I get to keep, c) I am not the target audience.

As I searched for something to rent, I had a Eureka! Moment: I’d rent one of the most popular, celebrity-favorite, runway-hogging dresses of the moment: a Herve Leger. Jslow and I are both pretty obsessed. Not because we have to get one, more like we don’t get it. Judging from their popularity, we are clearly in the minority.

For those not familiar, let me school you. Herve Leger makes that ubiquitous bandage dress seen on a starlet near you. It comes in literally hundreds of colors, shapes and styles, but only one fit: tight. It is Spanx with straps. A girdle as a gown. It ushered in “body-con” as a fashion category. It has loads of fans and a site devoted to Leger love: Herve Leger Obsessed.

Herve Leger was founded in 1985, the year I graduated college. It was acquired in 1998 by BCBG Max Azria, but it was not until 2007, when Max Azria relaunched the Herve Leger brand under his own design direction, that it began to gain traction. A summer capsule collection was created and offered at select department stores, including a remodeled Herve Leger boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. By next Fall 2008, Max Azria presented a Herve Leger collection in Bryant Park during Fashion Week. Herve Leger was hot.

Back to Rent the Runway. I find not just a few, but 83 Herve Leger dresses to chose from. I suppose I could have gone full-on skank and picked something bright pink and cut down to there, but instead I opt for something a bit more classy in a earthy green jewel-tone and simple cut: the “Leaf Him Behind:”

My Herve Leger arrived right on time. Because I had a hectic work week, by the time I was able to try on the dress and perhaps take it out, it was due back by noon (rentals are typically 4 days.)

I shucked my sweats and shoved myself in. I must admit the dress was comfortable, although I was anything but. Problem is, I’m uptight with tight. Here I am, sans make-up and anyplace fancy to go, awkwardly posing:

And honestly, does this flatter? Does it matter?

It was only fairly recently that I graduated out of giant underpants and baggy jeans, so it’s no surprise that I felt undressed in that dress. But it was more than not having the nerve for Herve. Walking around half-naked may leave little to the imagination, but wearing a dress that everyone else wears leaves even LESS to the imagination. Which is why I will “Leaf” this one behind.

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