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6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity | Fashion Marketing |
6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity (Using brian tracy time management techniques - Fiction- If I live...)...

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Jasmyn 's insight:

I want to manage marketing productivity as I further myself in my career, so these tips were more than helpful in learning how to increase worker productivity and sharpen my management skills.

Faarah's curator insight, December 13, 2012 12:34 AM

My Thoughts:


This article teaches you about some six time management skills that can really come in handy if you are trying to not waste time and get some big-time productivity done. These tips are: "Prepare in advance", "Schedule your time", "Start early", "Organizational skills", "Increased Productivity", and "Air travel productivity". These skills are not only important for project managers, but also these skills can be extremely helpful to high school students who have a lot on their plate. This article better explains in detail the six tips and they are indeed handy for all people who need to manage their time wisely. 

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The key to improving test scores and college-and-career readiness

The key to improving test scores and college-and-career readiness | Fashion Marketing |

"The key to improving SAT scores and college-and-career readiness is to ramp up the daily work of students across K-12 and increase participation in rigorous high school courses, said Mr. Coleman of the College Board. Students who scored better on the SAT were more likely to have completed a core curriculum in high school or have taken honors or Advanced Placement courses, he noted."

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This was really interesting for me to read because SAT scores are a big part of getting accepted into college. By taking rigorous high school classes, I will be more prepared for college and a college course-load.

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Are You Ready? Toward College and Career Readiness

Are You Ready? Toward College and Career Readiness | Fashion Marketing |

Connect hosted a wonderful opportunity yesterday for K-12 educators, college educators, and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education educators to participate in collaborative conversations around readiness for college and the transition to...

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Jasmyn 's insight:

It was insightful to read how teachers are helping prepare their students for their lives after high school. This helps me connect to my teachers more and understand how what they are teaching me will help me in the future.

Lynnette Van Dyke's curator insight, October 28, 2013 8:55 AM

The future assessment will ask students to write in all three modes - argument, informative,  narrative in every grade. One comment at my table was that you will no longer be able to teach to the test. Suggestion: teach to the standards and work with standards during daily planning.

Wherever you are on the continuum of standards learning, here are some helpful resources that you will want to access.

Engage NY.  This site has a video library for ELA, Math, teacher effectiveness, data-driven instruction and parents.

The Teaching Channel.  Sign up for regular updates. The large video library provides examples of real teachers working with the common core state standards. It is updated all the time and provides resources associated with some of the videos which are concise and well done.

The Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC)   This is the official site--it provides a wealth of information including prototypes test items. Sign up for updates.

Model Curriculum Project

 At this site you may sign up to download curriculum units that were developed by teams of teachers across the state. These units are available to all. There are 66 units for ELA, Math, History/SS, and Science--34 more are being prepared.  Sign in as many times as you like.