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The most niche wearables on the planet

The most niche wearables on the planet | Fashion Law and Business |
Like any new technology, wearables are going to have their nichey phase. Desperate to jump on an already overloaded bandwagon, crazy inventors are likely to come up with some really bonkers ideas that they think the general public will lap up. Thanks to Kickstarter these weird wearables are put on full display on the internet…

Via JP DOUMENG, Emma Baker
Emma Baker's curator insight, December 4, 2014 2:02 PM

This article contains warbles that I have never heard of or imagined. Many/most of the devices in the article are beyond bizarre and I am questionable if they even, truly, exist. 


One of the most insane wearables featured on the website is called the "Life-A-Hug" jacket. Supposedly, the jacket supplies the wearer of the jacket with a hug every time someone on their Facebook "likes" a post or image. Very strange... and I question if this is a necessary product? I don't believe it is. 


Some very entertaining products featured. 

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