Vaguely sixties feel in FABI womens’ A/W collection 2012 | Fashion for all man kind |

The winter’s FABI collection is designed for the modern, elegant woman who is choosy about her accessories and on the lookout for exquisite, unique, extremely sophisticated materials.
Fabi’s motorcycle series, in gorgeous eelskin, is wedded to tortoiseshell details in boots of various heights, as well as small drawstring clutches with a vaguely Sixties feel.

The plush hand of sheepskin with edge-to-edge seams, in a delicious shade of biscuit or a very chic taupe, also offers textural thrills and allows for a thousand different looks depending on how it’s worn: super-glam in the ankle boots, or feminine in the knee-high version with gilded, jewel-like buttons.

The leather “frogging” theme becomes a decorative motif in the riding boot series with low and medium heels, getting edgier when paired with higher plateau heels or oh-so-modern, oh-so-cool platforms.

Everyday wear comes in a wide range of tempting variations, based above all on the skillful use of Saffiano leather in combination with the finest calfskin: sexy shoes on high, thick heels, comfy ankle boots in middle heights and feminine riding boots on flat structures. The matching bags come in the same materials and are adorned with the same details: little brushed metal whorls that define the edges, pinching the handles and straps.

Warm burgundy, brandy, dark green and dark chocolate are the colors that crop up throughout the collection, and are often combined in the shoes, bags, and gloves: a very appealing alternation of bewitching shades.

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Via Mariano Pallottini